How To Fix Among Us Can’t Connect To Game Issue

Getting errors such as Can't Connect to Game & Can't Find Game in Among Us? Learn the causes & potential fixes of Game Not Found error.

In this online multiplayer game where you can play as an impostor or crewmate, there is never a dull moment. Every match is different, every player interacts differently and wins via various strategies. But in order to show off your own skills, you need to be able to join public or private lobbies first. That’s kind of tough when you get the Can’t Connect to Game or Can’t Find Game error. How do you solve and fix this issue? Is it based on the server issues? Let’s find out.

Among Us Can’t Connect To Game: How to Fix this Issue?


Many times you will see the error message of Can’t Connect to Game or Game Not Found. For private lobbies, as you know, you need a code given by the host. You have to input this code into the Private section of the menu and enter the game lobby with your friends. But what to do when you see the aforementioned issue?

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First, check if your selected server is the same as the one chosen by the host. Here’s how to change server if it is different. If you still are not able to connect to the lobby, try other options like reinstalling the game but it is not a guaranteed solution. It is worth a try, though, if you are feeling quite frustrated with this problem.

Some players have attempted changing their IP address and it has worked for some and hasn’t for many. You can even check your internet connection in case the problem is from your end. Plus, ensure that all players are playing on the same version of the game which should be the latest version.

Until we get an official solution for this problem, all we can do is keep trying again and again (up to 20 times!) to join the lobby. If you can’t find games due to this, try the potential fixes from this guide to see if it helps. It is most likely due to servers being overloaded due to the high volume of players it is experiencing. If nothing else works from all of these options, try to play some other time when you think the servers might not be so full.

That’s all there is to know about this issue. For more fixes for other issues, check out our guides below: