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How to create Among Us Avatar in Picrew?

If you are using Picrew to create a virtual avatar then here is how you can make yourself look like a character in Among Us.

If you are looking for an avatar that can bring in Among Us personality then Picrew is the best option to for. You can make yourself to look like one of the characters in Among Us. It is cool and you can use this Avatar on your game profile, social profiles, etc. As a sample check the tweet below.

Picrew is a site where you can create a paper-doll style avatar. It is a highly popular site in Japan, it is also popular in other regions of the world. So if you are looking for a cool Among Us Avatar then Picrew can help you in pulling out one. To save your time if you are new to the site then do not skip this article.


Picrew Among Us Persona: How to dress-up in Among Us Outfits?

Go on Picrew and signup for an account if you not having one. The site is in Japanese, if you are finding it hard to use you can use the Google Translation extension for the Chrome browser. Just click at the end of the browser and click on the translate icon. You can start building up your avatar part by part and create layers. There are ample of items in it you can use to create an Among Us Persona.

New users will find it is a little complicated to use it first. You can go with a random set of layers to create a unique persona. Check out some samples of cool Among Us profile pic you can try out.


Users can upload their illustrations to Picrew avatar making tool to create profile pic based on the theme. The tool provides full control to completely modifying various aspects of the avatar. You can either change color, outfit, pet, and make it look unique or exactly similar to the Among Us characters. You can also apply a backdrop to the character.


Among Us Picrew Avatar Maker

Want to make you’re Among Us avatar instantly then click this link. Picrew Image Maker will let you create avatars with Among Us elements. If you do not want to go much into detail then click on the dice icon on the left. Picrew will create random Among Us avatar for you. This is the best and fastest way to create profiles based on the game you love.

The problem here is you cannot just apply the newly created avatar inside Among Us. The game does not provide you an option to change the skin. You can do this in Minecraft. You can add an Among Us character skin in Minecraft game.