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Among Us: How To Double Kill

Here's the strategy you can use with another impostor to do a double kill in Among Us.

Everyone wants to be an Impostor in Among Us and kill other players without raising suspicion about themselves. It is too much fun to just sabotage, kill, vent and pretend to be shocked at a dead body’s location during discussions. But did you know that you can do a double kill in Among Us too? How do you make that happen? Here’s how.

How to Double Kill in Among Us



Basically how it works is that you need at least two impostors in the game. There’s a certain plan you have to create together in order to initiate the double kill in Among Us and for that, both of you have to be on the same page. If you’re playing with friends, you can plan this out together.

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So, the approach you must take is to be next to the other impostor and move around with two crewmates. If you are all in a room with no extra person, immediately close the door. At that moment, each impostor can kill one player which will execute the double kill in Among Us. There will be no witnesses if you manage to get out of there in time.

Once the murders have occurred, use the vents to reappear in a different location but make sure no one spots you while getting out. You can even sabotage the lights so that things are a tad bit easier for you.

A lot has to go in your favor for this to work out. If someone sees you all heading into a room and finds out that two of you are dead, narrowing down the two impostors will be simple.


If you feign innocence, create confusions and blame the innocent, you can get others ejected. It is dependent on some luck, timing and alibis but it is surely worth trying out. If you do make this rare event happen, you will also get bragging points!

This is how you can do a double kill in Among Us. As the lone impostor, it is not possible due to the existence of kill cooldown but with a buddy who is equally treacherous, things will get much more fun (and dangerous).

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