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Tips to play Among Us on Google Chromebook

You can try out Among Us on Chromebook. The game is free and comes in full version.

Among Us has got an outstanding response from gamers. It brings unique gameplay of multiple players, one among them is an imposter. Finding the imposter is a primary task that is done by voting on basis of suspicious activity. It is quite a hilarious game with a lot of twists and tasks. If you are having Google Chromebook and wondering if you can play it or not then check this guide. You can play Among Us directly in Chrome Browser.

How to play Among Us on Chromebook?


Chromebook users can access to PlayStore. They can download the game from there for free and run them directly on their system. Just visit PlayStore and download Among Us directly. It works exactly how it works on a smartphone. You can enjoy the game with all its features. Downloading it from PlayStore is similar to download this game on an android device.

There is no separate download or version available for Chromebook. It works via Android Store. If you are using a Windows system then you can grab a copy from Steam. If you do not want to purchase this game then you can install an Android Emulator and download it from PlayStore. The issue can be with the controls, depending on the emulator. How well it can sync keyword and mouse controls with the mobile game.

Among Us provides minimum customization options in terms of controls. On Mobile, you can do certain changes the same goes for a PC edition also. There is no other edition of Among Us. Playing it on an emulator is a simple option for PC players. As this is a multiplayer online game cracks or patches do not work for Among Us.


There is Among Us Torrent download links, it is recommended to stick with the Steam copy to avoid any kind of security issues. The best thing about Among Us is that the price tag of this game is extremely low. It is a one time purchase and you can enjoy playing it with online friends.