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Watch Dogs Legion Wiki Walkthrough Guide

Watch Dogs Legion is huge and you will love to know what more you can do. This Wiki guide will be your roadmap.

Watch Dogs Legion is a massive open-world game and this time Ubisoft has made it even bigger. You can just recruit anyone in this game. Almost anyone, a nanny, a police officer, a beekeeper, businessman, guard, taxi driver, etc. No matter whom you see every civilian can be your army. His or her traits can be useful or bad for the objective so it is necessary to pick the right person. The more you play the more you know, here is a Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide. A comprehensive article that includes is wide coverage of this game. You can read the latest information on game tips, unlocks, gadgets, cheat codes, secret places, customizations, Easter eggs, etc. We had put our army to dig everything in Watch Dogs Legion and this Wiki guide will be our point of contact. Let’s take London Back!

Watch Dogs Legion Wiki

Operatives & Character Recruitment Guides

  1. Recruit Legendary Operator “Beekeeper”: Beekeeper is one of the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion, you will come across a mission to recruit this person.
  2. Recruit the Street Magician Granny: Watch Dogs Legion is full of surprises, certain characters are exciting enough to try at least once. Like the old Grand Mother’s or Grannies.

Tips and Tricks

  1. System Requirements: Checkout what hardware is required to run Watch Dogs Legion on different resolutions like 1080p, 1440p and 4K. RTX and GTX configs are separately added in this guide.
  2. Clear Wanted Levels: Want to get rid of Chase Drones and police then check this guide.
  3. Beginners Guide: Things you must know before you start playing Watch Dogs Legion.
  4. Switch Characters:  Want to switch Operative, check this guide for Team tips and tricks.
  5. PC Control Guides: Full list of all mouse and keyboard controls for Watch Dogs Legion. Refer to this guide to learn about all the controls as well as how to set custom settings.
  6. Gamepad Control Guides: In this guide, you can get info about all Watch Dogs Legion console controls. This includes how to drive, how to fight, use drones, etc.
  7. Save Game Location: Want to know from where you can backup or download Watch Dogs Legion Save Game Files?
  8. Best Game Settings Guide: Watch Dogs Legion has various options like Permadeath, Melee Mode, etc. This guide will help you in understanding all the options and tips on which one to turn off.

Combat Guides

  1. Stealth Kill: Learn how to perform a Take Down or kill an enemy silently in Watch Dogs Legion.
  2. How to fight: Learn to punch, kick, perform a finisher move.
  3. How To Change Difficulty Levels: You can choose three levels of difficulty in Watch Dogs Legion. Also, Permadeath is a unique feature of the game, it can make the game more challenging.

Gadgets & Weapons Guide

  1. Unlock Spider Bot: Robot spider that can hack into servers by passing through cables and vents.
  2. What Are Tech Points: No Tech Points, no Upgrades. They are like in-game currency to buy new items, here is everything about Tech Points.
  3. Unlock & Change Weapons Skins: You can customize and print weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. Here is a guide on how to get new skins, where to print guns, etc.

How To’s & Unlock

  1. Hack a Cargo Drone: Hack a passing cargo drone and ride to explore the city from heights.
  2. How To Recruit: Remember these points before you hire new NPC’s in your team.
  3. How to enter Red Zone: Restricted Areas are marked as Red on Mini-map, they are heavily guarded by the military. Here are some tips to complete missions in Restricted Areas.
  4. Unlock New Stencils:  Stencils are Spray Paints, a kind of DedSec propaganda to aware of people. There are 47 locations in Watch Dogs Legion to spray paint and raise funds.

Reviews, Opinion & Features:

  1. Can you play Watch Dogs Legion offline: Want to know if this game is playable offline.
  2. Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode: If you are wondering if Watch Dogs: Legion has multiplayer – co-op or competitive – get your answers right here.

Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide is under construction and will be updated regularly. You can bookmark this page to save your time and do not forget to scan through our Youtube channel also.