Who Is The Best Starting Operative In Watch Dogs: Legion

Selecting your first operative or starting character in Watch Dogs: Legion will offer you perks and abilities. Check out what skills you can get

Your first or starter operative in Watch Dogs: Legion matters a lot because it will give you a head start and boost up your gameplay. As soon as you complete the first mission you are tasked with choosing your first operative. This can be a bit confusing but if you make the right choice the early part of the game will become easier. If you want to know who to choose as your starter operative in Watch Dogs: Legion, check this guide out.

What Character To Start With In Watch Dogs: Legion

As the premise of Watch Dogs: Legion states that you can play the game with almost anyone, it holds true to the gameplay. You get to choose from a plethora of characters right from the beginning of the game. While some characters may seem attractive, you should often look for the operative with the best passive abilities and perks.

There are many characters that will offer you guns and other firearms but these can be acquired as you progress in the game as well.

Every person has a set way that they play the game, and if you’re one who likes to go out all guns blazing, there are several characters that give you guns but we recommend that you prefer someone with other useful skills, as guns and other things can be obtained via DedSec.

first operative watch dogs legion

Your best bet is to make sure that you select a character that will give you different abilities in the game that will help you later on in the game. Characters that can get you out of jail or those who get less physical damage will help you to stay alive in the game much longer.

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Each starting character brings something new to the table and you can check in the list down below what matters most to you.

Loyalty Card: discount on clothing 

 MP5: fully-automatic SMG 

 Oscuro Ultra 8: personal sports vehicle 

 P250: semi-automatic pistol 

 Physically Fit: takes less damage 

 Police Contact: shorter team arrest time 

 Priority Care: shorter team injury time 

 Tough Drunk: takes less damage 

 Wrench: heavy melee weaponry 

6G Data Plan: fast downloading 

 Albion Vandetta: extra faction damage 

 Crowbar: light melee weaponry 

 ctOS Drone: drone summoning ability 

 Fast Hacking: short hack cooldowns 

 Kurahawa Zentura: personal motorcycle 

Having a character that gives you other benefits means that you can have added benefit in Watch Dogs: Legion apart from all the drones and guns that you eventually get in the Watch Dogs: Legion. Having a good starting character will ensure that you start on a strong foot.

This is all there is to know about who to choose the first or starting operative in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you’re here make sure that you check out how to switch Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion.