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How to Change Operative in Watch Dogs Legion?

If you are looking for settings to change character in Watch Dogs Legion then refer this article for step by step instruction.

Operative as the characters or citizens you recruit in Watch Dogs Legion. The game does not have any central protagonist it revolves around a secret group called DedSec. A resistance group of pro hackers or tech-fugitive who are the only life of control between dictatorship and freedom. As you begin you can recruit citizens to DedSec. Once recruited they are added to your Team. This is where you learn about their traits, their pros and cons. In this guide I am going to help you with how to change operatives or character in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to switch to a new character in Watch Dogs Legion?


You will have to do this before mission. Depending on the objective you can pick the right candidate with right skills. But before you begin explore the city and recruit some citizen. Try to go with people who can bring weapon skills on board. Some can bring amazing gadgets while some are good with punches. You can play a mission with different characters, but the condition is to pick them before you start playing.

Watch Dogs Legion Change Character

After reaching the main objective marker before you start go to the Game Menu and click on Team. From there you will find the list of all operatives or citizens recruited to join DedSec. Their traits are displayed on the right side. For example, Game Developer comes with Chase Bot skill. You can summon a chase bot and use it to create a distraction.


The goal is first to recruit the best possible citizens before the mission. Your operatives can die or get caught in the act. This leaves a space in the Team section where you can add more. From the same screen, you can modify the appearance and add/remove gadgets. Always check the traits, sometimes it goes against you.

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