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How to Unlock Infiltrator Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion?

Want the super secret spy gadget in Watch Dogs Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion is all about hacking and distracting and penetrating into security system. The game revolves around getting the city back from a private army who is controlling every movement. Watch Dogs Legion gives you freedom of recruiting anyone from the city. Each citizen feature unique traits that can assist you in completing an objective. A game developer with skill to summon chase drone can highly helpful in surveillance, or a beekeeper who controls bees to attack can be useful in taking down guards. There is more to discover in Watch Dogs Legion but right-now  I am going to help you with unlocking the Spiderbot. A cute infiltrator who can secretly travel into secure cabins, server rooms, knock down enemies and help you in hacking.

How to get Spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion?


Spiderbot is called as the Inflitrator Spiderbot Tech Gadget in Watch Dogs Legion. It is not unlocked by default you will have to purchase it. The game has a entire set of various gadgets you can unlock and add them into your loadout. Depending on what missions you are playing these gadgets can be highly helpful and vital for your objective.

Watch Dogs Legion Tech Points

To purchase Gadgets in Watch Dogs Legion you will need Tech Points. You can see how it looks in the above image. Tech Points can be found in the form of a green glowing icon through out the city. It is your default currency to buy and upgrade Gadgets in Watch Dogs Legion. First 10 Tech Points is in the DeadSec base at the beginning of the game when you connect the AI with the server.


Press the Change View button on the controller to open the game menu and go to Tech Tab. The first thing you will see is the Spiderbot. It cost 10 Tech Points to unlock at Level 1. You can level up the gadget with more tech points. Read below for all Infiltrator Spider Bot upgrades.

  1. Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 1 – Unlock Cost 10 Tech Points. Stealth bot that can perform non-lethal takedown.
  2. Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 2 – Unlock Cost 20 Tech Points. Unlock Double Jump and Sprint power.
  3. Infiltrator Spiderbot Level 3 – Unlock Cost 25 Tech Points. Unlock Cloak feature, activate it manually to hide bodies.

With each upgrade you unlock some additional capability which will allow you to reach tough locations.  This is how you can unlock the spiderbot in Watch Dogs Legion. Grab the Tech Points from the first base and go to the Tech Menu to buy it. You can buy a lot of stuff from here. Do not forget to read our Watch Dogs Legion Stealth Kill guide.


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