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Watch Dogs Legion Stealth Kill Guide – How to perform a Takedown?

As part of a hacking community in Watch Dogs Legion, you are not free to do anything. Sometimes going in stealth is the best option to kill enemies.

Takedown will be used regularly in Watch Dogs Legion. It is just another name for Stealth Kill, where you quietly move behind an enemy and end his misery. Stealth Kill or Takedown is an important move in Watch Dogs Legion. A move where you can take down any enemy without making a noise or raising an alert. If you are in an area with multiple guards you will see a white curved arrow on your left or right side. If this turns red then you will be chased and attack. In Stealth Kill you have to be extremely quiet use your hacking skills to create a distraction and complete your objective.


How to perform Takedown in Watch Dogs Legion?

Always be in a crouch position. You can press L on your controller to crouch and quietly walk behind the enemy. Press X when you are near enough to perform a Takedown. This is a single move to put an enemy to rest. If you are in a room with more guards then use the distraction. Move your crosshair on objects in the environment, there are traps also. Distraction is a way to draw an enemy out of the range so that you can hit the one who is unaware of your presence.

Quietly walk behind the enemy and press X. You can press LB to distract the moving enemy if he is coming in your direction. By pressing X your character will instantly hit down the enemy to the ground. An effortless way to kill without making a noise.

Takedown Animation: Takedown Animation changes with the character. If your operative is a spy or guard he or she will be strong enough to subdue a guard with strong punches and kicks. But it’s a game developer the guy takes a silent approach of choking. You will see different Takedown animations for different characters as you recruit more and more operatives.

In many missions, you will have to complete in stealth mode. The game also puts a restriction of not allowing anyone into a restricted area. Not even in stealth mode due to high-end surveillance you will always get caught. To enter the restricted zone you will need an operative with the uniform of the facility. Like a soldier or a guard, or a cleaner. You can instantly switch your operative from the Team Menu and continue playing the mission with a new face.

Doors and locks are easy to unlock. Your mobile is your only gadget at the start, later you can unlock weapons and high-end gadgets like spider-bot. You can hack Drones and Cars also while moving around. I will be updating you more about Watch Dogs Legion. You can check our Watch Dogs Legion wiki section stay updated about this upcoming game.


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