How to Recruit a NPC in Watch Dogs Legion?

Being a part of super secret hacking group, finding people with top skills is not easy. Refer to the tips in this guide to hire the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion.

The whole city is yours, pick any one of your choices, and convince him/her to join your army. Watch Dogs Legion is all about building an army that can stand against a massive rule. It is not just the private army you are dealing with. There’s underworld and more to tackle. So finding people from all aspects of society and add them to your Team is important. In this guide, you will learn about how to recruit an operative in Watch Dogs Legion. What points to consider before taking someone on board?

How to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion?

DedSec is back online and being the first of all your job is to expand your team. Find diverse operatives who can carry out the impossible task. So recruiting is something you will do regularly in Watch Dogs Legion. It is important to consider some points before taking someone into the team. It can be tough to convince a citizen to be part of a group. Because as the recruiting process starts there will be something you will have to do for them. Some may have police records, while some have debts on them. By helping the citizens who win their confidence and then they become part of DedSec.

As you start playing you will have a few bunches of operatives to pick. Each one has different traits. For example, some have high health and physically fit. They are best when you have to deal with a lot of guards or when you are in a mission that requires punches and kicks. Some have good police contacts, you can find clues easily or investigate faster. Some are pro on weapon handling while some are hackers.

As you walk around in the city point your phone to the citizen to view his/her traits. Press LB to add them to save the Recruit. Then press Y to start recruiting that person. When you start recruiting it will unlock additional side quest. These quest are requirements of a operative. For example helping out someone to clear its criminal records. Only after that the recruit will be added as a full functional operative in the Team Section.

It is not necessary to recruit everyone, the only challenge is to find the best operative with more traits. For example a Spy or a Guard who can come with weapons. A techie or a game developer who comes with gadgets.

How to Recruit in Watch Dog Legions

At the start, you might get a few operatives in your Team section. You can walk on the road and add more. The best thing to do is to find people who have some special traits. You can find that by scanning them. For example, recruiting a guard right outside a restricted zone. The guard will provide uniform access, required to enter a restricted area, a semi auto-pistol, and baton. Baton is a good melee weapon while can be handy in a firefight.

How to recruit Best operatives?

Watch Dogs Legion has an internal feature that can save time for finding the best operatives around the city. When you unlock a mission you will get info on potential recruits in the game menu. For example a hitman or a construction worker, etc. Focus on recruiting the best operative first because their skills matter the most. For example, a construction worker can summon a Cargo Drone anytime. The game has over 9 Million playable characters, some of them are just useless.

For example an operative with the skill to fart in public. This might not work against advance AI drones and private military. You need smarter and stronger operatives.

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