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Watch Dogs Legion Guide on How to Hack a Drone?

You can hack anything in Watch Dogs Legion. Cargo Drone is one of them that can help you in covering longer distances.

Different types of drones fly in the sky of the UK in Watch Dogs Legion. Like Parcel Drone, Chase Drone, Cargo Drone, etc. Cargo Drone is the big one with slow speed, they are best to cover up the large distance in less time. Or reaching on top of a building, Cargo Drones are extremely useful in Watch Dogs Legion. In this article, you can learn about how to hijack these drones. Control their flight and use them to cover up major distances without getting noticed.


How to Hijack Drones in Watch Dogs Legion?

If you have a task to travel to an objective marker, there are multiple choices to travel. You can either hack a car and ride to the destination or you can hijack a drone and ride on it. Just walk on the main street and you will see lots of Drone flying around. The frequency of Cargo drones is less at night, they are the biggest one.

As soon as you spot one move your crosshair on the drone. This opens up a menu with two options. Hijack or Disable. If you are playing this game on Xbox then press Y to Hijack and A to Disable. The disabling drone will make to crash on the ground, which is good for distraction. But our goal is to hijack the drone so press Y.

Hijack Drone Watch Dog Legions Guide

This will instantly change the view, you can now fully control the drone and make it land near you. You can control its height and also drop the cargo to increase its speed. Press LT or RT to bring the drone down. Use the joysticks to control the drone flying angle. Once the Cargo Drone is on the ground walk towards it and climbs up.

Sometimes the Cargo Drone will have cargo with it, press RB to drop it to make space. Climb on the drone and use the joystick to control the flight. To open the menu to control the drone point your crosshair on the object. You can use Cargo Drone to instantly reach a building rooftop, but they are not good for escaping. You can also hijack doors, or create a distraction while riding a drone. Watch Dogs Legion has made things simple by keeping the crosshair as a center of contact with anything. Just move it on the object and you will see the menu with different options.


London in Watch Dogs: Legion is a highly secured city, with max surveillance. It is best to go stealthy and do all your tasks without getting noticed. You can start by recruiting people of different kinds, you can instantly switch to the operative via Team Menu and complete your objective.

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