How to fight in Watch Dogs Legion?

Punches, kicks, and ending a fight with a finisher move is what all Combat is in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion does not take Combat seriously, its more about hacking, solving a puzzle, and playing in stealth. As a hacker who cannot reveal his/her identity, fights are silent in this game. There are few moves to learn, like combo punches, kicks, dodging, and ending the fight with a finisher. You just have to learn these things and you become a pro-fighter. In this article, you can learn all Watch Dogs Legion combat control and tips on how to fight.

Watch Dogs Legion Combat Walkthrough

At the boxing ring in DedSec headquarter you will learn basic fighting skills. The most important move among all is dodging. Some enemies are strong and will keep hitting you. You can fall on the ground losing the operative permanently in Watch Dogs Legion. That makes Dodging an important combat ability to learn first. I am going to help you with all the combat controls.

How to attack?

Press X to hit the enemy with punches. Press it thrice for two punch + 1 kick combo attack. This move will be commonly used and best against weaker enemies. The same control key works for operatives who use a baton.

How to break Guard or Defense?

Enemies are capable of blocking your attacks. If you punch they can throw you away. This is where you will have to break their Guard. Press Y to hit with a knee that breaks the enemy’s defense. They won’t be able to push you. Break Guard by pressing Y and then press X for combo attacks.

How to Dodge & Counter attack?

Dodging is important, some enemies are strong enough to punch you continuously. Using the dodge move you can get away for a while. Once the enemy is done attacking you will get the window to hit back. Dodging is highly important, press B to dodge an incoming attack. This move does not work if the enemy is not attacking you. If you can press the B key at the right time the enemy pause for a while. Hit X to counter-attack.

Pressing B during an incoming attack slows down the time for some seconds. Then press X instantly to counter attack and stun the enemy. You can hit X continuously to release a few combo punches. You can only counter-attack after a perfect dodge. Finally when the enemy is down press X for the finisher.

This is all about combat in Watch Dogs Legion. You will have to learn how to punch, how to kick, how to dodge, and counter-attack. Do not forget to check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know more about this game. We update this article regularly for you – Let’s take London Back!