How Long To Beat Watch Dogs Legion | How Long Is The Game (Answered)

Curious to know how long to beat Watch Dogs Legion, get your answers right here.

A gamer is always curious to know how many hours he or she has to invest in playing a game to complete it. The same is true for Watch Dogs Legion as well. With Ubisoft’s latest open-world game released, many players are questioning how long is Watch Dogs Legion. If you too are on a hunt for an answer to this question, be relaxed as your hunt is over. In this guide, we will discuss how long it will take to beat Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion: How Long to Beat

It will take roughly 20-30 hours to beat Watch Dogs Legion. However, the numbers can vary largely depending on several factors. You see, Watch Dogs Legion is an open-world game, you can spend as many time as you want to explore the map, and get into the details.

Another factor that can impact the numbers is that the game allows you to recruit anyone on the street. However, completing certain missions require specific skills. Hence, the answer also depends on which character you choose to complete what mission.

how long is watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs Legion also has several side-tasks apart from the main story missions. If you focus solely on the main missions and ignore the side tasks, you will complete the game quickly. On the other hand, if you try and complete all the side tasks along with the main storyline missions, it will take longer to beat Watch Dogs Legion.

So now you know that there is no accurate answer for how long does it take to beat Watch Dogs Legion. However, an average gamer will take anywhere around 20-30 hours to complete the game. If you want to progress quickly and complete the game fast, reading our beginner’s guide will help a lot. You should also consider reading our melee combat and gun combat guides to win every battle you encounter in Watch Dogs Legion and complete the game.