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Watch Dogs Legion Beginners Guide – Do’s and Don’ts While Saving London

The article is a compilation of important game rules, if you ignore you will get caught and lose your ratings.

DedSec is back Watch Dogs Legion and ready to retaliate against the unruly control of a private military managed and controlled by a few. No matter what comes next, DedSec is finding the best recruit to save London. On the verge of collapse, the city is nothing more than a prison. So what can be done? As one of the DedSec Operative who chooses to stand against the dictators in Watch Dogs Legion, you will be hacking your way to the secrets. Making them weaker and leading a revolution along with an army of citizens.

Watch Dogs Legion is an open-world game. You can explore many regions of London and hack your way in restricted areas. It is not as simple as it sounds, in this Watch Dogs Legion Beginners guide you can check out the top things you must always remember while playing the game.

Watch Dogs Legion Beginners Guide

  1. Be a pro at Takedown – Quietly walk  behind a guard and then press X. Always focus on stealth kill no matter what amount of guards are there.
  2. Unlock New Gadgets – You will need Tech Points to unlock Gadgets like Spider bots. Refer to the link to know more about gadgets and upgrades.
  3. Distraction: Your phone is your control center. You can hack cars, doors, traps using it. Also you can use it for distracting guards. Just point on a guard and press LB to distract. The same key is used for analyzing clues.
  4. Use Arm Traps: Arm Traps can be found in offices and near buildings. Before you move forward for any important objective activate them. Guard running towards you will be down by shock.
  5. Alert Bar: If you are under surveillance you will see a white bar around you. White means no suspicion, yellow means you are begin watched and red means you are marked as a criminal.
  6. Minimap: Keep a eye on the mini map, if you are watched you will see it glowing in yellow and red when you are chased.
  7. Hijack – Scan the area to find security cameras, laptops, digital locks, etc. You can use the camera to and mark down important objects. You can hack into systems to unlock doors and find access keys. Do not hijack anything when you are watched.
  8. Hijack CCTV: CCTV camera or security cameras will allow you to scout the area and create a distraction. It is best to scan the region before entering any restricted building.
  9. Drone Scouting: One a mission where you are unaware of the guards and their locations use Drone Scouting. You will have to buy Tech Upgrade to summon Drone. If you choose a Game Developer Operative this skill comes unlocked.
  10. Access Attire: Through this section, you can modify the appearance of your operative. For example, if you are entering a restricted building dress as a Guard.
  11. Autodrive Car: After stealing a Car you can set it on Auto-drive. Controls are visible by pressing the left D-pad. It will take you to your objective marker.
  12. Swap Weapons: Press D-pad up to change weapons in Watch Dogs Legion.
  13. Skip Dialogue: Press the Change View button to skip dialogue if you do not want to hear the chatter.

How to Change Operative?

Go to the Game Menu and then go to Team Menu. From there you can select any operative you want to play with. Before this, you will have to Recruit an operative so that he or she can be in your inventory. You can switch to operative before starting a mission.

How to restore Health?

Watch Dogs Legion does not show any Health Bar. When you are attacked you will see the entire screen turns red. The darker it gets the faster you die. Whenever you see a red blood spike on the screen take cover. Health restores on its own.

How to fight?

You will be using a lot of punches and kicks in Watch Dogs Legion. Weapons are the last resort. To punch and hit with multiple combos press X. If an enemy is guarding itself then go near and press Y to break it the defense. We have a dedicated combat guide that will teach you how to fight. Click this link – Watch Dogs Legion Combat Guide.

How to use Map Navigation?

Watch Dogs Legion GPS Navigation

Main objectives are marked in yellow on the map. Press the Change View key to open the Map and place the waypoint to the objective on the map. This generates a GPS line that is visible in the form of wide blue arrows on the main road. Follow the thick blue line and it will take you to your destination. If you are not in the mood of driving enable auto-drive.

How to solve Network Bypass Puzzle?

Network Bypass Puzzle is the most common thing you will see while hacking servers or unlocking doors. They are like lines of power connected to each other with a simple revolving mechanism. Walk near a locked door or and press LB on Xbox to reveal the Network Bypass Puzzle. Your job is to align the gears to let power pass through each of them and complete the circuit. Follow the red lines to find the locked wheel and rotate it in the direction until the line turns blue. Something we always see in Watch Dog series.

Hit our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know more about this game. We update this article regularly for you – Let’s take London Back!