Watch Dogs Legion: Gun Combat Guide

Wondering how to win every gun combat in Watch Dogs Legion, here's your answer.

Watch Dogs 2 relied heavily on non-lethal weapons. However, Watch Dogs Legion brings back the lethal weapons to the contest. While more than half of the weapons are still non-lethal, you can get your hands on some lethal ones like Ak-47, MP5, or M9 shotgun. Whether you are using non-lethal tranquilizer pistols or lethal guns, it is important to learn the basic combats of using them. Hence, we are here with this Watch Dogs Legion gun combat guide. In this guide, we will walk you through how to efficiently use your gun during combat in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Win a Gun Combat in Watch Dogs Legion?

To win every gun combat in Watch Dogs Legion, select the best weapon you have and try a headshot. To fire a gun, you will have to press the fire triggering button twice. Press X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, and Mouse Click or F on a computer.

The first press stuns the enemy and the second press fires a bullet. However, a professional hitman does not need to do so. While playing as a hitman, you can directly fire a bullet without stunning the foes. That’s all about how to fire a gun in Watch Dogs Legion, now here are some best tips that will help you win gun combat.

how to fire in Watch Dogs Legion

Best Tips to Win a Gun Combat in Watch Dogs Legion

The very first and most impressive tip is to use a combat spiderbot. Spiderbots are widgets that you can hack to sneak closer to an enemy. When your spiderbot is close enough, it can take down the enemy with the interact button that displays on the screen. One thing to ensure is that no one sees your spiderbot, or it is going to be a great massacre.

The next tip is to use DedSec LTL Weapons against drones, especially the launcher. These weapons are stronger against drones. Also, always pay attention to your surroundings, not only to avoid any attack from behind but also to take advantage. There are explosive barrels scattered across the map. If you find an explosive barrel nearby a bunch of enemies, attack the barrel to deal heavy damage to all the foes. Ensure to use the barrels wisely, don’t waste them to get rid of just a single enemy.

If you want to get some time either while reloading or to escape a cornered situation, use Jam to freeze enemy weapons for some time. Another way of getting time and prevent any hits is to take cover whenever possible. This will not only help you prevent any damage but also recover.

At any point in time during the combat, you can hot-swap a weapon by simply tapping up or right on the D-Pad. You can also head to the Team section to customize weapons and edit loadouts.

That’s the end of our Watch Dogs Legion gun combat guide. Put all the tips together and winning gun combat won’t be difficult for you. While here, you can read some of our other guides that will certainly prove to be useful while playing Watch Dogs Legion. Some of the guides that you can start with are: