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How to Unlock & Change Weapons Skins in Watch Dogs Legion?

You can customize and print weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. Here is a guide on how to get new skins, where to print guns, etc.

As a part of the DedSec army, the only resistance in London you will need weapons at some point. DedSec is more like a silent community that does not engage in blood-bath. In many fights you will not be killing any NPC in the game, Watch Dogs Legion is built on the idea of APC. There are no NPC’s in the game, every player is playable. And once a character dies it disappears from the game forever, along with the skills and special abilities. That’s the reason the game has a set of non-lethal weapons that only shock enemies. To an extent killing NPCs can go against DedSec’s propaganda.

How to change Weapon skins in Watch Dogs Legion?


Go to DedSec headquarters in the city of Westminster. Once unlocked it is your fast travel point, a place to rest and meet all the operatives. After recruiting all operatives will be available at the HQ. To change a weapon skin visit the 3D printer next to the workbench. You can print all weapons you unlocked while playing the game.

Recruiting an operative is a way to unlock weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. For example, a soldier who comes with an assault rifle. You can print the gun from the 3D Printer and use it on the mission. Yet it is unclear whether Watch Dogs Legion has missions that specifically reward you with unique weapons. All weapons rely on the operative you recruit in the game.

How to remove weapons restriction and use it for all operatives in Watch Dogs Legion?


When you recruit an operative with an Assault Rifle it remains linked to that single operative only. The game goes to shotguns, rifles, etc. To use the weapon you will have to go to Team and select the operative. But if you want to use the weapon independently no matter what operative you pick, then there is a way of doing this.

Find an operative with a similar weapon and recruit him or her. This removes the weapon restrictions and allows you to use the weapon with any operative. So remember to recruit two operatives with the same weapon to use it freely with any operative. Sometimes you will have to recruit a character not for his skills but for the weapons.

How to unlock new weapon skins?


Go to the 3D printer and from the weapons menu, you can apply skins on your favorite weapon. You can buy skins directly while printing them. They cost some crypto-currency depending on their rarity. The 3D printer at the DedSec headquarters is your point of contact for Weapon crafting and Customization.

DedSec HQ is hidden in a bar where you can drink and play mini-games. Taking too much alcohol will make you drowsy affecting your movements and fighting skills. Make sure you do not drink too much before entering into a mission. Gambling Machine in DedSec HQ can reward you with some free crypto-currency. Hack the machine when you are at the safe house and use the money to buy some cool t-shirts or face mask, or accessories.

You can also buy costumes from various shops in London. To unlock exclusive DedSec accessories go to the HQ and check the wardrobe. It has a shop section from where you can purchase some amazing outfits with Easter eggs. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks and updates on the game. Till the time do not forget to scan through our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide.