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Watch Dogs Legion: Melee Combat Guide | Best Tips To Win

Want to win every melee combat in Watch Dogs Legion, read some of the best tips to get an upper hand.

The Watch Dogs series has always been a prime supporter of non-lethal weapons, and Watch Dogs Legion is not any different. These weapons help to sneak around without being detected. However, there might be situations where you have to take down multiple enemies with melee attacks. In such situations, knowing the best tips for melee combats can come in handy, and we will be helping you with just that. This Watch Dogs Legion melee combat guide enlists the best tips that can ensure your victory in every melee combat.

Melee Combat Guide: Best Tips to Win in Watch Dogs Legion


You can either select melee combat as your primary fighting style or a way of sneaking into enemy territories without getting noticed by foes. Whatever the reason for using melee attacks, knowing the best tips for combat can always be useful.

The first thing to take care of while in melee combat is to manage surroundings. In Watch Dogs Legion, if you get too far from your enemies they will switch from melee to gun combat. They will also switch if you take too long for taking them down. Hence, you need to be close to your enemies and attack them as quickly as possible.

best tips for melee combat in watch dogs legion


The next things to remember are the basics of melee combat, which are attacking, dodging, counter-attacking, and breaking guards. You might have read this tip across games and platforms, but that’s because such is the importance of mastering these basic combat techniques. The best way to learn these basics in Watch Dogs Legion is by paying close attention during the melee tutorial and visiting the Bareknuckle Boxing Arena for sharpening your skills.

If going into melee combat is your preferred game style, also ensure to recruit a Bareknuckle fighter. Bareknuckle fighters can be found in the Bareknuckle Boxing Arena. You can also opt to recruit characters with default melee weapons such as a wrench or baton.

Another way of becoming strong in melee combat is by purchasing melee gadgets. One of the best gadgets to purchase is Electro-Fist. Whenever you feel that your character has taken too much damage, try to avoid being in the combat. That’s because you will only regain health while not attacking. You can put up your guards and defense until you are back on track. Alternatively, you can also sprint to flee off the combat. But make sure that you don’t go too far, otherwise, the foes will take out their guns and start attacking you.


That’s the end of our Watch Dogs Legion melee combat guide. If you prefer entering gun combats, ensure to read our Watch Dogs Legion gun combat guide. The guide lists down tips for winning every gun combat in the game. You can also read our guides on how to unlock some rare trophy achievements. A couple of these trophy guides are how to unlock the You Don’t See Me trophy and Hack the Planet trophy in Watch Dogs Legion.