How To Get City of London Photograph Evidence In Watch Dogs Legion

This is how to complete the Photograph Evidence challenge in Watch Dogs Legion's City of London district.

Photograph evidence in Watch Dogs: Legion can be used to turn the districts defiant. There are 6 locations for that and it can be quite confusing if you aren’t sure what you have to do. For the City of London Photograph evidence challenge in particular, you have to get underground but you won’t see any entrance. You might end up searching for a way to head inside. So, to save your time, we will explain the trick to use to get it done quickly.

How to Photograph Evidence in City of London – Watch Dogs Legion

To get the photograph evidence in City of London, you have to hack a GBB news drone. It will be next to some barricades. This is where you will find it.


Hijack it to get it to fly through the hole between red wooden planks.


You will find yourself in a tunnel which will be lit by the drone’s flashlight.


Go further inside the tunnel, follow the vents and there will be a room with evidence. Press down on the D-pad to toggle the camera and take the Photograph evidence in City of London in Watch Dogs Legion. This is how you can complete the Photograph evidence challenge in this borough.

watch dogs legion photograph evidence

When you complete the objectives (indicated by red icons) to liberate the City of London district, you will unlock the Beekeeper in Watch Dogs Legion. The Beekeeper is a special operative that you will get after your red icons turn to green tick marks. Here’s more information about the Beekeeper’s unique abilities.

That’s everything on how to take the photo evidence in City of London. We have covered more helpful guides in our Watch Dogs: Legion wiki so head over to the link and check them out. You will know how to get money (ETO) fast, how to unlock special operatives, how to recruit people who dislike DedSec and much more.