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Watch Dogs Legion: How To Get Money (ETO) Fast

Fast and easy ways to earn money (ETO) in Watch Dogs: Legion.

ETO is the in-game currency/money in Watch Dogs: Legion and the only type of payment accepted in London. You can use it to buy clothes, weapon skins, paint vehicles etc. Of course, the easiest way to earn ETO points is while playing the story, intro mission and side missions like Kick Up, Darts, or Bare Knuckle Arenas. It will earn you a minimum of 1000 ETO, but how to get more ETO in Watch Dogs Legion? Find out here.

Fast Money (ETO) Farming Trick in Watch Dogs Legion



Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get more ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion and these are all based on how well you explore the open world. To obtain ETO (money), you can hack ATMs or ETO skimmers that you will be find throughout the city. ATMs will be located along the streets and you have to press LB to hack an ATM. You can get about a 100 ETO per ATM machine.

A good tip is to put your vehicle on auto drive mode (you can do it by pressing A on Xbox One, X on PS4 and Z on PC). Then you can hijack a Parcel Fox drone which will follow your vehicle and then you can hack ETO skimmers that are on rooftops.

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Plus, there are secured safes in restricted areas that you can hack and access. One safe will earn you 1000 ETO. Apart from these ways, you can also attempt to get ETO from Parcel Fox drones that will be flying around. You never know, they might have some ETO in them.

How To Save Money (ETO) in Watch Dogs Legion

To save some ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion, you can get characters who have the ability to receive discounts in shops or even grow your revenue. As you may already know, with more ETO you can customize your operatives completely. There are more than 2000 clothing items available in shops including cool jackets, shirts, funky hats and lots more. So, make sure to explore all the boutiques and stores you see on your way.


That is not all, you will also get an in-game store which will have ETO packs, more cosmetics, some collectibles etc. You can buy them with WD credits which can be bought with real world money. 100 WD credits are approx. $1.

Finally, you can also earn money by killing opponents stealthily but it’s a very small amount compared to the other options mentioned above.

That’s everything on how to get ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you are here, don’t miss our other guides in Watch Dogs: Legion wiki. We will be updating it as we continue playing the game, so stay tuned!