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How to Recruit Legendary Operator “Beekeeper” in Watch Dogs Legion?

Beekeeper is one of the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion, you will come across a mission to recruit this person.

Some of your DedSec recruits hold special skills and powers. You can’t find them strolling on the streets. They are at special places, like in headquarters or red zones. Recruiting them will make your resistance stronger, but they are not easy to convince. One of the legendary operatives in Watch Dogs Legion is the Beekeeper. This operative comes with three amazing abilities. It all relies on how well you can use them. So let’s begin with how to find legendary operatives in Watch Dogs Legion like the Beekeeper?

How to recruit Beekeeper in Watch Dogs Legion?


Drone Experts, Beekeepers, Spy’s are Legendary Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion. These APCs hold special abilities above the regular citizens of the city. For example, a Drone Expert is capable of using Shock Drone on enemies. APC under this category also comes with a Combat Hack – Drone Betray Hack. You will see a message as Potential Recruit which hints about their specialty.

Legendary Operators can be a valuable asset to the team. But finding them is not easy. In one of the main missions, you will have to recruit a Beekeeper. Go to Tidis Park and follow the tiny human icon in a yellow circle. Press Right Joystick to run a scan, the Beekeeper will be in the park working on its robotic bee swarm. This operative has three unique abilities.

  1. Bee Swarm: A controllable Bee Swarm, tiny bee bots who can damage and distract enemies.
  2. Overcharger: A unique weapon that can hit the enemy with electric shock. One hit kill weapon.
  3. Anti-Shock Suit: The suit of this operative makes him/her immune to shock.


When you find the operative press LB to save the recruit. You can also recruit using a Drone. To unlock a Drone you will need Tech Points. Similar to purchasing a Spider Bot you can buy a drone and use it to survey the area. Drones are best when you have no access to enter a restricted zone.

Remember one thing if an Operative dies it never respawns in Watch Dogs Legion. You have to pick the right candidate for every mission. You may lose the operative and his/her abilities forever. There are over 9 Million citizens in the city of London and each one of them is an APC. Means All Playable Character, you can recruit them all if you have a lot of time or else get the best one only.