How To Recruit NPCs Having Negative Opinion Of DedSec

Here's how to recruit people who don't like DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Recruiting people and adding them to your army is one of the most core elements of Watch Dogs: Legion. Based on your requirements, you can pick from a wide range of characters. You can choose potential recruits depending on their outfits, abilities, looks etc. While exploring the open world of this game, you will encounter loads of special characters. But how to recruit NPCs who dislike DedSec? Can you add people having a negative opinion of DedSec to your team? Find out in this quick guide.

How To Recruit NPCs Who Dislike DedSec


To know if NPCs have a negative opinion of DedSec, check the red thumbs down icon on their profile. Once you find someone you want to hire, you have to use the Deep Profiler which is in the Tech tab.


So, what you need to do is hold RB and save that person to your Recruits. Next, you have to press Y and investigate their profile and choose a lead. Do all this from the Team app. Now what you have to do is follow the lead to help them out. This is the basic process of how to recruit NPCs who dislike DedSec.

Note that the location where you are looking to recruit NPCs has a great impact on what type of people you come across. Camden is ideal to find artists or hackers while the City of London is for those who are looking for people in the finance department like CEOs and crypto specialists. So be sure to explore places around you well.

This is how to recruit NPCs who dislike DedSec. But what if someone has two red thumb icons instead of one? That means they are fully against DedSec and you cannot recruit them. These antagonists can even try to capture your operatives so be careful.

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