How Many Recruits Can You Have In Watch Dogs: Legion

You can recruit plenty of NPCs in Watch Dogs: Legion. Each character will bring different abilities and weapons. Check out how many you can recruit

You can recruit almost everyone in Watch Dogs: Legion, the game allows you to have absolute control over who you wish to bring to DedSec, and each recruit is different. There are millions of NPCs that you can select from but that doesn’t mean that you can recruit millions. If you want to know how many recruits you can have in the game. Check this out.

How Many Recruits Can You Have In Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion takes you in the midst of the chaos right from the start of the game. Once you’re set on the main character you want. The game will keep showing you different aspects that you can manipulate according to you. You can recruit up to 60 candidates and 20 agents.

Soon enough, the game will show you that you can recruit NPCs as well. These NPCs bring added advantage and you can use their assistance to cover up your own weaknesses. These recruits come from every walks of life and while one can be a police officer, another can be a construction worker giving him the ability to travel to restricted areas as well.

how many recruits can you have in watch dogs legion

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Though this doesn’t mean that every NPC will join DedSec just upon asking, you will need to complete a couple of tasks for them so that they side with you. On top of this, each character has an opinion of DedSec and Albion, and depending on that they’ll either join you or reject.

There’s a lot that you can do with your smartphone in Watch Dogs: Legion and recruitment isn’t just the end of it, each NPC has different abilities and some might even help you get out of jail quicker. It completely depends on how you recruit and what characters you have to use their abilities.

This is all there is to know about how many recruits you can in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you’re here make sure to check out how to Hack in Watch Dogs: Legion.