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How to change Difficulty Levels in Watch Dogs Legion & Turn off Permadeath?

You can choose three levels of difficulty in Watch Dogs Legion. Also, Permadeath is a unique feature of the game, it can make the game more challenging.

Watch Dogs Legion brings unique gameplay of recruiting every citizen of London. Just imagine over adding around 90 Million playable characters in your hacking group. This might be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. In this article, we will discuss how to change difficulty levels in Watch Dogs Legion. Also, we will talk about an important feature of the game “Permadeath”, an option that enables permanent death in Watch Dogs Legion. If this is on and you die, the character you are playing will disappear forever.

How to change difficulty levels in Watch Dogs Legion?


On the main game, menu clicks on Options, above Tutorials. Go to Gameplay and you will see three choices for Single Player Difficulty. Easy, Normal & Iron Man Mode are the three levels of difficulty in Watch Dogs Legion. If you are playing in Multiplayer sessions then the game difficulty will be auto-adjusted to Normal. In Normal mode everything is balanced. This includes some vital gameplay mechanisms like Enemy Alertness, Weapon Damage & Vehicle Efficiency.

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You can change single-player difficulty anytime in the game. If you are finding things are easier you can switch to hard mode and test your skills. Watch Dogs Legion does not restrict users with the level of difficulty throughout the game. The game challenges you to think differently, you can unlock amazing outfits, take down kingpins, free an entire part of the city and do a lot more. That too by choosing diverse characters.


What is Watch Dogs Legion Iron Man Mode?

Iron Man Mode is a hard mode of Watch Dogs Legion. There are two more modes, Easy and Normal. In both, you can go to game options and modify the difficulty level, but in Iron Man mode you are not allowed to change the settings. Iron Man Mode is a kind of ultra difficulty where you are not allowed to change Permadeath and game difficulty.

What is Permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion?


Permadeath is a unique concept introduced by Watch Dogs Legion. With over 90 million characters in the game, you might take the challenge of building the best army of hackers in the world. Permadeath makes death permanent. That means if you have a character who dies in the battle then he is gone forever. Something similar to what happens in real life.

You can feel the pressure if you keep Permadeath on, and I recommend you to keep this on. But if you wish to disable Permadeath in Watch dogs Legion then go to Options > Gameplay> Permadeath Mode. From here turn it Off if you do not want your beloved characters to die.

What is Permadeath?

When Permadeath is enabled, Operatives will die after taking lethal damage and be permanently removed from the game. The game ends if all Operatives are unavailable. And remember if you choose Iron Man Mode you are not allowed to disable permadeath during the gameplay.


You can adjust the game settings and modify Permadeath by above options. We are going to cover a lot of in-depth guides on Watch Dogs Legion, that will help you a lot in the game. Do not forget to check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know amazing tricks, hacks and updates.