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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Turn on Permadeath & Iron Man Mode

Here's a quick guide on how to enable Permadeath and Iron Man mode.

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest AAA title that has a new feature called Permadeath mechanic and Iron Mode. However, there are thousands of players who still don’t know how Permadeath actually works and how to enable it in Watch Dogs Legion.

For those who don’t know how to turn on Permadeath and Iron Mode in Watch Dogs Legion then we have a guide teaching the same in the simplest way possible.


How to Enable Permadeath and Iron Man Mode in Watch Dogs Legion

Notably, both Permadeath and Iron Mode setting can only be accessed at the beginning of the game. Once you start the game without turning them on then you would not be able to enable them during the game. However, you can disable them at any time by heading into the game settings.

How to Turn on Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath


If you enable Permadeath and start playing Watch Dogs Legion but you don’t like it, you will have an option to disable it any time. The game does allow you to turn on Permadeath at any time but you can’t enable it once the game started.

When activated, Permadeath mode will push players to want to recruit new operatives. If you happen to run out of active operatives, the game will be finished, which forces you to reload to previous save or even restart the game completely.


In order to disable it, go into the menu and choose Options. Under the Gameplay settings, you will see an option to deactivate permadeath.

How to Enable Iron Man Mode in Watch Dogs Legion

Unlike Permadeath, Iron Man Mode is completely different. If you are looking for a series challenge then this mode might suit you well. If you select this mode at the beginning, Permadeath will automatically be enabled and you wouldn’t be able to disable it.


Notably, Iron Mode also locks all of your difficulty settings, forcing you to play the game on a specific difficulty level. When you lose all of your operatives while playing in this mode, this game will end and you will have to start it again.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to turn on both permadeath and Iron Man mode in Watch Dogs Legion