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How to Destroy AI Blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion

Here are two different ways to destroy AI Blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion is arguably one of the most talked-about AAA games right now. The latest action-adventure game assigns tasks to its players to recruit a lot of members into a hacker group, DedSec. There is a mission in Watch Dogs Legion requires players and their recruits to fight against a surveillance company that has taken over the city of London.

One of these recruitment missions needs players to investigate why an operative and their entire staff were fired from their jobs. There are two ways to destroy Bluprint for an AI machine — Stealth and Action.

How to Destroy AI Blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion


The first way to destroy AL Blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion needs to use the hand taser tech to short circuit the AI blueprint silently. Notably, this needs to be done without alerting enemies.  The hand taser is operative specific, so, if players don’t have an operative unlocked that can use that item, they might need to resort to more powerful measures.


The second ways is a little dangerous than the first one to shoot the AI Blurpint machine. In this method, you will have to keep firing until AI Blueprint is completely destroyed. Doing this will alert enemies in the surrounding area and they will rush to the player’s location.

Instead of staying there and fighting with enemies, it would be better to run away and have the operative live to fight another day. Unlike the first method, this is more primitive but it will save a lot of your time.

Players will get to know that the AI blueprints will create a Machine that willl leave millions of people living in London jobless. Once players have managed to destroy AI Blurpint and escape the area safely, the citizens they talked, in the beginning, will now become recruitable.

That’s basically all you need to know about how to destroy AI Blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion. You should also check out everything there is to know about Watch Dogs: Legion by checking out our Wiki right here on Gamer Tweak.