Best Mobile Games Like Monopoly Go

Here’s our list of the best games similar to Monopoly Go in terms of mechanics, dice rolling and more.

What are some alternatives for Monopoly Go? If you’re taking a break from this title by Scopely but want to try a new mobile game/app that’s similar to it, we’ve got you covered. Now, if you enjoyed this game, that means you like board games with dice rolling, strategy, social elements, or even property acquisition. Considering one or more of these options, here are some of the best games that are similar to Monopoly Go that you can try out on Android as well as iOS.

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Best Games Like Monopoly Go

We have compiled this list based on games that have similar mechanics as well as those that have a unique twist on the core gameplay. At the very end, we’ve also sprinkled in some of our other favorites that might appeal to those who like the addictive aspect of Monopoly Go.

Dice Dreams

dice dreams

Dice Dreams is one of the best alternatives to Monopoly Go because it features options to roll the dice on a board, steal coins, attack your friends, build your kingdom, and protect your treasure. There are various challenges to complete and lots of leveling up to do. Due to all of these similarities, Dice Dreams is one of our top picks in this category.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Bingo Tycoon

bingo tycoon

Bingo Tycoon is an award-winning mobile bingo app where bingo comes together with property ownership. You can participate in tournaments to compete against friends and collect treasure chests to get coins, boosts, bingo tickets, and more. Plus, you can develop properties by gaining experience in different rooms! If increasing your Tycoon fortune is something you wish to do, go for this game!

Platforms: Android and iOS

Board Kings

board kings best mobile game like monopoly go

Want to try more board games similar to Monopoly Go? With 50M+ downloads on Android, this is one title that you do not want to miss out on! In Board Kings, you can build and upgrade your Board, travel to your friends’ Boards, and attack their buildings. There’s a new minigame on every board you unlock and various other features like Power Cards, Landmarks, daily events, and much more so you’re never board – I mean, bored.

Platforms: Android and iOS


europoly games like monopoly go

Europoly is a much simpler variant but you may like it if you prefer the core Monopoly gameplay. As you can tell, it’s based on Europe and has all the main elements that you are looking for. You can play with other players or bots on the same device and it’s very configurable so you can adjust it as per your liking.

Platforms: Android and iOS

LINE Let’s Get Rich

line lets get rich

Lastly, we recommend LINE Let’s Get Rich which has 50M+ downloads on Android. This game is all about being a real estate tycoon where you can travel the world, construct famous landmarks, roll the dice and collect properties. This game is developed by LY corporation which has also released the famous LINE app and some more interesting and cute games.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Monopoly Solitaire: Card Games

monopoly Solitaire Card Games

MONOPOLY Solitaire: Card Games is a unique mash-up of the classic board game Monopoly and the popular Solitaire card game. It combines the property collection and strategic elements of Monopoly with the challenging gameplay of Solitaire, offering a fresh and exciting twist for both types of players. There’s strategic property management, options to compete against friends, endless Solitaire challenges, and much more fun waiting to be had!

Platforms: Android and iOS

Some More Games Similar to Monopoly Go

Here are some games that have unique twists on the basic gameplay formula, similar to how Monopoly Go changed things up in the mobile gaming market!

  • Monopoly Tycoon: Build and manage your city, attract tourists, and compete against friends in this real-time Monopoly spin-off.
  • Yahtzee with Buddies: This classic dice game gets a social twist with online matches, tournaments, and chat features.

And there you have it – some of the best games like Monopoly Go available for mobile users (Android and iOS). If you’re interested in exploring more, check out Words With Friends, Trivia Crack, Ludo King and UNO! for some unique gameplay as well.