Thor Ragnarok’s Hulk And Hela To Join Fortnite As New MCU Skins

Loved the character designs of how everyone looked in Thor: Ragnarok? The new Fortnite x Marvel Skin collection leaks suggest the addition of Hulk and Hela.

Marvel and Fortnite skins are a duo that has existed since 2019 starting with Black Widow in Season 8 of Chapter 1. Fast forward to 2024, and the newest addition surprisingly isn’t from some of the newer films but rather from the 7-year-old Thor: Ragnarok. The latest Fortnite x Marvel collab introduces Hela and Hulk to the game.

The reason these skins make the most sense is due to the current Greek Mythology season which is Myths and Mortals. Which in this case would make Hulk the mortal and Hela the Myth.

Fortnite Hulk and Hela Skins Leaks

Thanks to HYPEX on Twitter for sharing these leaks. Be sure to check their tweet about it as well. The skins will be as follows:

Hela Odinsdottir

Hela Odinsdottir In Fortnite
Image Credits: HYPEX on Twitter. Hela Odinsdottir in Fortnite.

The leaked in-game description says “Odin’s firstborn and the Asgardian Goddess of Death.” She will be part of the Ragnarok set and can be used in the Battle Royale, Festival, and Rocket Racing modes. She also has her Necrosword that could either be a Pickaxe skin or a Back bling.

Sakaaran Champion Hulk

Sakaaran Champion Hulk In Fortnite
Image Credits: HYPEX on Twitter. Sakaaran Champion Hulk in Fortnite.

His in-game description says “The Grandmaster’s champion from another world.” Hulk too is part of the Ragnarok Set and will be available in the same game modes as Hela. There is also going to be a Ragnarok-themed wrap, Axe and Hammer for Pickaxe, and a Sakaaran-themed shield that should most likely be a Back bling.

When will the Ragnarok Skins Release and What is Their Price?

Currently, no release date is known for these skins yet. But they should likely be released before the Chapter 5 Season 2 ends. Similarly, the prices of these skins haven’t been revealed for now. However, based on the past Marvel skins they could be anywhere between 1500 to 2000 V-Bucks. This also changes based on their popularity because the Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor skins did cost 2500 V-Bucks. So you can expect them to go for more.

Not sure whether you should buy Hulk, Hela, or the Ragnarok bundle and save up instead? Well, if you aren’t a big Marvel fan then you should check out the leaked Fortnite roadmap to see which other crossovers are in the making!