Leaked Fortnite Roadmap Hints At Upcoming Crossovers

Fortnite’s Leaked Roadmap for the year 2024 suggests that Epic Games is up for something huge.

Throughout the years, Fortnite has earned quite a name by collaborating with Marvel, Family Guy, and many other popular categories. Before every update, Epic Games has us wondering what will be the next big collab for them. While we are speaking of it, popular leaker HYPEX has revealed the potential Fortnite Roadmap for the entire year of 2024. And by the looks of it, not only it suggests the next crossovers for Fortnite but also Lego Fortnite, and Rocket Racing.

Leaked Fortnite Roadmap for the Year 2024

Before we discuss the leaks in detail, let’s take a look at HYPEX’s post on his X (Twitter) Account.

As you can clearly see in the tweet, every part of the Fortnite platform is getting major updates. This includes Fortnite’s potential crossover with Star Wars in May. After that, we can see other crossovers with Fall Guys and Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, we might be just a few months away from witnessing one more Marvel season with Doctor Doom on the cover.

leaked fortnite roadmap
Better Look at the Leaked Fortnite Roadmap

Epic Games hasn’t forgotten about its other titles and they have something more in store for us. Lego Fortnite might be receiving the famous Klombo Dinosaur that was earlier a part of the Battle Royale. If this leak is true, Lego Fortnite will get 10x bigger and fun than it currently is. Last but not least, it seems like the Roadmap for Fortnite Festivals is going to be all about pop music. Because according to the leak, we can possibly see popular celebs like Billie Eilish, Metallica, Karol G, and Snoop Dogg coming to the Festivals.

From the leaked Fortnite Roadmap, we can assume that this year is going to be jam-packed for gamers. Honestly, it seems like one of the biggest and most busy years of Epic Games. While the leaker HYPEX thinks that this leak can be real, others are trying their best to convince that it’s completely fake.

HYPEX said that this image was originally found on 4chan and it’s one of the most realistic leaks he has ever witnessed there. But this doesn’t cement the authenticity of the leak. That is why, he says that we should wait for Chapter 5, Season 3 to drop. Only then we will be able to confirm if any of the leaks are true.

For now, every Fortnite fan only hope for this leaked roadmap to be true. For further updates on this topic, be sure to stay connected with us through Gamer Tweak News.