Batman Vs Spider-Man: Who Would Win In A Battle?

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If you were to pick one character from Marvel and one from DC, then Spiderman and Batman are two of the most worthy contenders from their respective Universe. These superheroes have a ‘No-Kill’ policy but still emerge victorious in every battle they step foot in. But what would happen if these fan favorites clash against each other? Their Battle IQ, Strength, Gadgets, etc., will make it extremely difficult to decide a single winner. So, in today’s article, we will compare Spiderman and Batman to figure out a victor among them.

Who Would Win Between Batman and Spiderman?

Strength Comparison

Who Would Win Between Spider-Man and Batman
Image Source: Spider-Man (Vol 1) #98

Strength-wise, there is no doubt that Spiderman will easily beat Batman in a contest. Webhead has superhuman strength that gives him enough power to fight against foes like Rhino, Juggernaut, and even Thanos. On the other hand, Dark Knight has the body of a human with peak abilities. There’s a clear difference between these two terms, and I think it’s safe to say that Spidey wins here.


Batman vs Spiderman Gadgets
Image Source: Batman (vol. 2) #1

Both Peter and Bruce are smart enough to craft gadgets that will be useful during combat. But Bruce Wayne has equipment that can neutralize all the members of the Justice League. This is something that Peter can never afford to build unless he has enough money to do so. It gives Batman an advantage over Spiderman and the rest of the superheroes as well.

Battle IQ & Sense of Improvisation

Any action plan rarely survives the first step, and after that, one should be able to improvise and form new strategies.

Who would you choose if you were asked to select someone as your strategist between Batman & Spiderman? Batman! There’s no better strategist in the Comics other than the Caped Crusader himself. Batman can form strategies to take down his opponents if given enough time. The best part is that he analyzes all the future possibilities and creates a plan accordingly.

Batman's IQ
Image Source: DC

That doesn’t mean that Spiderman can’t improvise his plans when needed. He surely can do that, but has lesser odds to win against Batman in this case. If you don’t know, Batman was once able to threaten and fend off Darkseid. This is something that no Kryptonian or Amazonian can ever do.


Spiderman vs Batman Speed
Image Source: Sony & Marvel Studios

We know that neither of these superheroes would give up while fighting against each other. But they’ll feel exhausted after a while and begin losing an edge. The question is, who will give up first? I think we already know the answer to this question. Spiderman wins this battle easily. He is fast enough to dodge bullets and can carry the battle for hours or days without exhaustion. Meanwhile, Batman is still a human from the inside who needs a moment to catch his breath now and then. Even if we give both of them equal time to recover, Spiderman will heal quickly because of his healing factor. Before Batman recovers, Spiderman would strike and end the battle once and for all.

Better Distress Call

Spiderman's Team vs Batman's Team
Image Source: Marvel Comics vs DC

These superheroes have been a part of one or more organizations in their Worlds. For example, Spiderman has worked with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and the Howling Commandos. And Batman has worked with the Justice League, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad, and his Bat Family. What if they all show up and help these two in a battle? I know you are imagining an encounter between Thor and Superman here. I think it’s fine to point out that Superman is vulnerable against Kryptonite, so he has a chance of losing against Thor. And if Superman loses, then there’s no denying that Spiderman and Co. will take over the battle easily.

Spiderman Vs. Batman Winner

Considering the above results (3-2), Spiderman wins clean in a battle against Batman. Many fans may disagree, but I think Spidey can humble Batsy if he wants to. However, if Batman is given preparation time, he can do the same to our Friendly Neighborhood too. But in some scenarios, Spiderman can tackle Batman’s best plan, thanks to his Peter Tingle (Spider-Sense).

Spiderman vs Batman is a never-ending debate among their fans and will continue. Both of these Superheroes have their own great and inspiring stories, and I think that’s what we, as an audience, should enjoy.

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