How to get rid of Wanted Level in Watch Dogs Legion?

If you steal a car or enter a restricted area your wanted level rises. Want to know how to clear wanted levels?

Watch Dogs Legion has a lot of similarities with a game like GTA 5. It takes you to an upgraded world of the future where London is under threat. Locked by total surveillance and in control of a private army, it is not easy to steal things. Many times you will find yourself chased by a police drone. They are called chase drones who will follow you everywhere and this means you are a wanted criminal. This article will guide you on how to clear wanted levels in Watch Dogs Legion. How to get rid of Chase Drones and what you can do with it.

How to Clear Wanted Levels by destroying drones?

Never steal anything when the drone is around. You will see a curve arrow around the character. If it’s red then you are marked as a criminal and will be chased by a guard. If it is yellow then you are being watched. If you dare to steal care in front of a guard or when the drone is flying around you become a wanted criminal.

No matter where you go the Drone will chase you and keep the guards on your tail. But you can get rid of this even when you are driving a car. So here what can happen, steal the car and the drone starts chasing you. Move the crosshair on the drone that opens up a menu. If you are console then press A to disable the chase drone. It will crash on the floor and your wanted level is gone.

This is the best way to clear wanted levels in Watch Dogs Legion. Also, you can use this chase drone for your benefit. It can be your guiding drone for some time or you can hack this drone by pressing Y. Chase drones or police drones are kinds of pain in Watch Dogs Legion. They won’t leave your site if you are found suspicious. Many missions in Watch Dogs Legion are best played in Stealth Mode. It is gaming about hacking and destroying the security to free London. We have some guides that can help you with completing various missions.

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