Watch Dogs Legion: How To Change Character Appearance

You can change how your character looks while completing various missions in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion’s USP is that it allows you to recruit and play as anyone across the London City. It is obvious that you might not like the looks of all the members you recruit for DedSec. But that’s nothing to worry about as you can easily change character appearance in Watch Dogs Legion.

Having said that, it is also important to let you know that you cannot change the physical attributes such as height, hair, and face of a character leaving you with the option of customizing outfits and a few other options. In this guide, we will discuss how to customize a character’s appearance in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Change Character Appearance in Watch Dogs Legion

To change character appearance, you will have to first purchase clothing from the stores scattered throughout the map. The stores will be marked with a t-shirt icon on the map. simply head there and go straight into the shop.

You will find tons of options to pick from; hence choose wisely. Once you have got the clothes that best suit your character purchase them with in-game currency. This will add the clothes you just purchased to the wardrobe.

how to customize character appearance in watch dogs legion

Once the clothes are purchased, press R1 while in the shop to open the wardrobe screen. This screen will display all the clothes that you own. Now, scroll to the outfit you want the character to wear and press X/A to use it. This will change your character’s clothing.

You can change the outfits for any character in the game. Similarly, you can also change other accessories such as masks to provide a certain level of customization to your characters.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change character appearance in Watch Dogs Legion. Before getting started with the game, make sure to read our Watch Dogs Legion beginner’s guide. It will also help if you read our gun combat and melee combat guide. These guides will help you excel in every battle you come across while saving London City.