Watch Dogs Legion: How To Find And Kill VIPs

Kill VIPs to liberate areas in London.

Finding and killing VIPs is one of your objectives as a DedSec member to liberate some of the areas in London. Doing this also rewards you with a rare achievement trophy titled “Take Back London.” Killing and unlocking the entire map will also get you markings for all Tech Points, Audio Logs, and Relics. In this guide, we will discuss how to find and kill VIPs in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Find and Kill VIPs in Watch Dogs Legion

There are a total of three VIPs in Watch Dogs Legion, and we will list down how to find and kill each one of them separately.

VIP 1 at Tower Hamlets

The first VIP is located at the Tower Hamlets. You will be asked to recruit a construction worker for completing this task. A construction worker with his or her construction drone skills will make completing this task a whole lot easier. All you have to do is to reach the Hamlets, climb on the cargo drone, and kill the VIP by any means.

VIP 2 at Islington and Hackney

Next VIP at Islington and Hackney will be a little difficult to eliminate as there will be many companions nearby. Ensure to take down the companions first before heading to the VIP. Once the cronies are down, it will be easy to walk up to and kill the VIP.

VIP 3 at Nine Elms

The last VIP is not a human, instead, it is a drone. To eliminate this drone, you will require one of yours and that’s why it is recommended to use a construction worker for this task. Simply reach the marked location, summon the construction drone, and start the battle with the VIP drone.

One tip I would want to give here is to aim at the orange weak points of the VIP drone. Firing on any other part will not do any damage to it. Use your drone’s firearms and aim at the weakpoints, and it shouldn’t be too hard to defeat the VIP drone.

That’s how you find and kill all VIPs in Watch Dogs Legion. While here, you can read other guides on Watch Dogs Legion. For instance, you can read what happens if an operative dies, how to crouch, or how to sprint in the game.