Watch Dogs Legion: How To Get A Hacker

100% chance of getting a Hacker + Skilled Operative.

Watch Dogs Legion allows you to recruit and play as anyone across the streets of London. However, a few recruits are more essential than others due to their high skills and abilities. One such recruit is the Hacker. Hacker has got several strong abilities that make him one of the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion. In this guide, we will discuss how to get a hacker in Watch Dogs Legion.

How To Get Hacker in Watch Dogs Legion

To get a Hacker + Skilled Operative in Watch Dogs Legion, you will have to defiant the Camden borough. The Camden borough is located in the northwest part of the map. You can refer to the below image for help.

where to find hacker location in watch dogs legion

There are a total of 8 boroughs in the game, and completing all the missions of each one of them rewards you with a special recruit. When you defiant the Camden borough, it will grant you Hacker + Skilled Operative. To defiant the borough, you will have to complete all the objectives of the district.

Luckily, the Camden borough is the simplest of them all and can be completed very early in the game. The only challenge you might face to defiant Camden will be during the Light a Spark objective. However, you can refer to our how to Light a Spark guide for some help and easily complete the objective.

As soon as you complete all the objectives of the borough, it will become defiant and a free district. This will get you a Hacker + Skilled Operative along with some other valuables in Watch Dogs Legion.

What are the Abilities of a Hacker + Skilled Operative?

The hacker that you get by freeing Camden is no ordinary hacker. He or she will possess several great abilities. The abilities of Hacker + Skilled Operative include:

  • Viral Hacking: Can hack larger targets simultaneously (used to unlock Hack The Planet achievement trophy)
  • Crypto Skimmer: Occasionally gain ETO when hacking.
  • Shock Hack: Can use the Shock hack to damages enemies.
  • Key Steal: Can steal Access Keys from any distance.

That’s how you get the Hacker in Watch Dogs Legion. Now all you need to do is head to the Camden location and complete all the objectives to recruit Hacker in Watch Dogs Legion. Similar to Hacker, you will get other special recruits for freeing up different boroughs. For instance, defiant Nine Elms borough to get a Professional Hitman, and defiant the City of London borough to get a Beekeeper.