Watch Dogs Legion Beekeeper Location: Where To Find A Beekeeper

Wondering where to find and recruit a Beekeeper in Watch Dogs Legion. Here's everything you need to know.

Beekeeper is one of the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion with unique abilities such as Bee Swarm, Overcharger, and Anti-Shock Suit. It is obvious that you might want the beekeeper location in Watch Dogs Legion so that you can easily recruit one to your team. This guide is for just that, it will walk you through two different locations to find a beekeeper and recruit him or her in Watch Dogs Legion.

Where to Find a Beekeeper Location in Watch Dogs Legion?

where to find a beekeeper in watch dogs legion

You will find the Beekeeper in Watch Dogs Legion at the Tidis Park located in the Southwark district. You will find a yellow-colored tiny human icon on the screen once you are close to the park. Now simply follow the icon to reach the park and then scan to find the Beekeeper. Once you find the operative, press LB to save the recruit.

watch dogs legion beekeeper location

Recruiting a Beekeeper in your team will also help you unlock a rare achievement trophy. You cannot unlock it with any other operative as you require the Bee Swarm ability to get it. While playing as a Beekeeper, neutralize 10 Albion guards and the trophy will be yours.

To use Bee Swarm, hold RB/R1 based on your consoles. This will unleash a swarm of bees on up to 3 nearby targets that are marked in red.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find a beekeeper location in Watch Dogs Legion. You can also recruit a professional hitman in Watch Dogs Legion by completing another borough questline. Unlocking some of these best operatives in the game will help you get an upper hand against the enemies. You must also be aware of what happens if an operative dies in Watch Dogs Legion. Having all this knowledge will help you get a quick grasp of the game.