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Watch Dogs Legion: How To Paint Cars (Car Customization)

Easily customize your car by changing its paint and skin.

The ability to customize cars has sort of becoming a common feature in almost every open-world game. This has made players wondering, whether or not they can customize cars in Watch Dogs Legion. Well, of course, you can customize cars, but unfortunately, you can only change one aspect of the car, i.e., paint/skin. While most of the time, you will find yourself stealing cars on the street in London, there are some recruits who have their own cars. In this guide, we will walk you through how to paint cars in Watch Dogs Legion.


How to Paint Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion only allows you to paint cars and customize only the exterior of the car. When you recruit an operative with a car, head straight to the team tab from the menu. Now select the operative and hit A/X to open up his or her inventory. Next, press Y/Triangle to open the Watch Dogs Legion car customization menu.

how to customize car in watch dogs legion

When you open the customization menu, you will see all the available car skins or colors that you can choose from. Select the one that you like and your car will be painted with that color. That’s how you paint cars in Watch Dogs Legion.

Recruiting operatives having their own car is random in the game. But, if you want the certainty of getting a car, you can start to defiant all the boroughs of the City. For instance, you can get a Spy+ operative when you defiant the City of Westminster borough. You will get a random spy, but no matter who you get, each one of them has their own special car. This car will have amazing abilities like it can fire missiles and become invisible.

Unless you have pre-ordered the game, there will be only one skin option available for the car. However, you can unlock several other skins and colors through in-game currency ETO. The price for each unlock can range from 580 to 23,560 ETOs. If you are short on ETOs, you can refer to our guide on how to easily get ETO to earn some quick in-game cash. Alternatively, you can use Watch Dogs Legion’s unlimited money glitch to never run out of ETOs.


That’s everything you need to know about how to paint a car in Watch Dogs Legion for some simple car customization. Recruiting NPCs can be easy or difficult based on their preferences. However, there are high chances that the NPCs with their own car are skilled and will be hard to recruit. In such situations, using a deep profiler can really come in handy. You can read our Watch Dogs Legion deep profiler guide to learn how to unlock and use it to easily recruit any NPC.