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Watch Dogs Legion: How To Use Infinite Money Cheat

Players have found a Money glitch in Watch Dogs Legion which gives them unlimited money. If you want to know how to get infinite money like this, check out this guide till the end.

There’s a Watch Dogs Legion money glitch that will make you unlimited money. Money is important, of course, because if you are rich in this near-future London, you will get access to a lot of stuff like cosmetics and more. In this guide, we will explain how to get infinite money in Watch Dogs Legion with this secret cheat/exploit.


How to Earn Unlimited ETO – Watch Dogs Legion Money Glitch

This money cheat works on PS4, PC and Xbox One so no platform will be left out. The process to earn unlimited money through this exploit is as follows.


  • First, choose a character and go to a Pub.
  • Head inside, take a drink if you want to and open up the safe and take ETO from it.
  • Now go outside and kill yourself in front of the pub. You can do this by jumping off from a height using a cargo drone. Here’s how to hack a cargo drone easily.
  • Then, choose the option to Swap Operative.
  • When you are on the screen for choosing a new Operative, don’t click on anything.
  • After staying on the screen for a few seconds, close the game application using Alt+F4 (PC) or the relevant button on your console’s controller.
  • Then, wait a bit and launch the game again.
  • Go to Campaign and click on Continue.
  • If your Watch Dogs Legion money glitch has successfully worked, you will find yourself in front of the pub.
  • The next thing you should do is find the safe inside the pub and unlock it. This will give you some ETO. You can now unlock the safe over and over again, thereby making you ‘earn’ infinite money (ETO).

Since Ubisoft might fix this glitch soon, you need to make the most of it right away. Go ahead and get rich quick by activating this exploit!



If you prefer a visual guide, we’ve got you covered! Check out this video tutorial below and subscribe to the channel for more content:

This was all about how to use the Money cheat. If this helped you out, here’s our guide on how to farm ETO the honest way. These methods will work even when the devs patch the above cheat. Plus, don’t miss our guide on how to get WD credits which is another currency you need to know about. With all this moolah, you can purchase new outfits, vehicles and items easily.