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Watch Dogs Legion Spy Location: Where To Find A Spy

Find the best locations to find and recruit a spy in Watch Dogs Legion.

You can recruit and play as anyone in Watch Dogs Legion. However, finding a skilled operative with additional and stronger abilities is always important. One such operative types is a spy. Spies are rare in the game and one of the best operatives to have in your team. In this guide, we will show Watch Dogs Legion spy location so that you have a 100% chance of finding and recruiting spies.

Without these locations, you might have to scan each and everyone on the streets of London to get a spy. So if you don’t want to take the hassle, continue reading this Watch Dogs Legion Spy locations guide.


Where to Recruit a Spy in Watch Dogs Legion

The best location and method to recruit a spy in Watch Dogs Legion is by liberating the City of Westminster borough. When you complete all the objectives of this district, the borough will become defiant, and green-colored on the map. This will reward you with a special recruit, a skilled spy.

where to find a spy in watch dogs legion


Once the City of Westminster is defiant, a mission called “Like Clockwork” will start. This mission tasks you to control a drone and ride it to get to the top of the clocktower. Once there, simply interact with the computer placed on the tower to unlock and recruit the spy.

However, there is another spy location where you can easily find and recruit a spy in Watch Dogs Legion. This location is named the MI-6 building and is located in Lambeth by the riverside. This is a sort of maybe gathering location of spies, as they do tend to be here. Once at the MI-6 building, start scanning everyone nearby and you will certainly get a spy. To scan people, press the middle mouse button on PC and L1/LB on consoles.

where to recruit a spy in watch dogs legion


What are the Abilities of a Skilled Spy

Spies have a great range of armory and weapon loadout, along with amazing skills and abilities. Since the skilled spy is a special recruit that you have earned by hard work, he or she will have some great abilities up their sleeves. These abilities include:

  • Spy Watch: Jam nearby enemies’ weapons
  • Physically Fit: Reduce damage taken
  • P9 Silenced: A silent, semi-auto pistol with a short reload time
  • AR Cloak: Temporarily hides you from being seen
  • Spy Car: Have a special spy car named Fairlight

That’s everything you need to know about Watch Dogs Legion spy locations and where to easily find and recruit them. Apart from the spy, you can also recruit other special recruits by liberating boroughs. You can get a Hacker by liberating Camden, a Beekeeper by liberating the City of London, and a Professional Hitman by liberating Nine Elms borough.