Watch Dogs Legion: How To Use Deep Profiler

Deep profiler is an essential feature in the game. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Deep profiler is a vital feature in Watch Dogs Legion. The game allows you to recruit any person walking across the streets of London City. However, recruiting some specially skilled NPCs can be really difficult. That’s where the deep profiler comes into the picture. In this Watch Dogs Legion deep profiler guide, we will discuss how to use the feature and what benefits it provides.

What is Deep Profiler in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion deep profiler is a feature that grants you data-based insights for easily recruiting an NPC. It specifically gives you hints about what you need to do to win over the NPC and make him or her a part of DedSec agents.

watch dogs legion deep profiler

While NPCs that are fond of DedSec and have positive or neutral feelings about the organization will easily join your team, the others having grudges and negative feelings will not. They will require intense convincing and double mission completion to be recruited.

Deep profiler places in front of you the entire schedule of an NPC. It will then help you with the missions that you need to choose to recruit that particular NPC. These missions can be as simple or complex, but they all lead to gaining the NPC’s trust. This will then help you to talk to the NPC and ask him or her to join DedSec.

How to Get and Use Deep Profiler in Watch Dogs Legion

To be able to use the deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion, you will first have to unlock it by purchasing it from the Tech Menu. It costs 25 Tech Points. If you are running short, you can refer to our guide on how to easily farm Tech Points. As soon as you unlock deep profiler, it will be immediately available for use.

how to unlock and use deep profiler in watch dogs legion

Once you have unlocked the deep profiler, head to the team section from the menu. From here navigate to any of the potential recruit icons and press the triangle/Y button to use the deep profiler. Deep profiler will especially come in handy for recruiting NPCs who have negative opinions about DedSec such as the ones working with Kelly or Albion gangs.

Now you know everything about Watch Dogs Legion deep profiler including what it is, how to unlock it, and how to use it. Hence, you will now have more visibility on which NPCs you want in your team and how to recruit them easily. This is very vital as you can only have a limited number of recruits in Watch Dogs Legion at a particular time.