What are Tech Points & How to find them in Watch Dogs Legion?

No Tech Points, no Upgrades. They are like in-game currency to buy new items, here is everything about Tech Points.

Tech Points in Watch Dogs Legion are important to unlock new gadgets. They are also used for upgrading and further unlocking new things in the game. To an extent, it is important to collect Tech Points in the game. Because it will help you to buy things from the Tech Menu. Till yet we had seen Tech Points are only used for upgrading and unlocking new gadgets. We will update you more about this later.

How to find Tech Points in Watch Dogs Legion?

Tech Points are scattered throughout the map. Collect 10 Tech Points from the first base. The one you will unlock after activating the DedSec server and bringing the friendly AI online. This where you begin your journey. There are complex missions in Watch Dogs Legion. Some of them require high-end gadgets like the Spider Bot. We have a guide on how to unlock Spider Bot. You can check the link for reference.

Watch Dogs Legion Tech Points

Tech Points are displayed in the form of a closed box. Something like a gadget that pings in the green icon on the map. On your map, you will find a lot of spots with the icon, set your navigation, and grab it. Tech Points will help you to purchase Tech Upgrades. You can not only unlock a new gadget but upgrade it from Level 1 to Level 2 and to max Level 3 you will need some amount of Tech Points. Check the Spider Bot guide to know more about leveling up gadgets. Each level unlocks new passive perks for example jump or sprint.

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