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How to Customize Weapons and Vehicles in Watch Dogs: Legion

Here's a quick guide on how to customize both cars and weapons in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion is here and similar to other video games it also has a feature to customize your vehicles and weapons. However, customizing weapons and vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion is a bit hard as compared to other games.


In order to customize your operatives’ gear is a very important part of the action-adventure game because it gives a completely unique identity. There are plenty of skins available for vehicles and weapons that you can buy by using in-game currency, ETO.

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How to Customize Weapons and Cars in Watch Dogs: Legion

Customizing both cars and weapons in Watch Dogs Legion is very similar. What all you need to do is to look for the Team menu, hover an operative that owns either a car or gun then press the edit button. Then, you will notice a change in weapon skin or vehicle skin when you hover that operative’s gun or car.

There are plenty of weapons and vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion, with each has a handful of skins to unlock and you can buy them by using currency ETO. If you own the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass, you will be able to unlock the DedSec can skin without spending any in-game currency.

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There are additional skins in Watch Dogs Legion that can only be obtained by shelling out WD Credits, that you can buy with real money. However, there are still a few skins in the game that you can get by playing the game.

Once you purchase a skin for a particular car or weapon, it’s unlocked for every operative. Yes, you would not lose it due to Permadeath. When you apply a weapon skin for the very first time, you will get the All About Aesthetic trophy/achievement too, which is truly a nice bonus for completionists.

That’s all you need to know about how to customize cars or weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. While you are here, don’t miss our other guides in Watch Dogs: Legion wiki. We will be updating it as we continue playing the game, so stay tuned!