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Watch Dogs Legion: Low FPS, Graphics Settings & Crash Fixes Guide

Watch Dogs Legion: How To Improve Performance On PC.

It has been a few hours since Watch Dogs Legion launched and players across the world have started reporting some serious issues regarding its performance on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. As per a report in Gosunoob, players have been having issues such as low FPS, low framerate and crashing.

Majority of people who have been having issues on PC are because of the drivers of their Graphics card. Yes, NVIDIA has not dropped any new drivers and that could be the reason the game to go on the fritz. The developer of the game are aware of issues and they must be trying their best to fix these issues as quickly as possible.


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Besides the above-mentioned issues, the graphics settings in the game are quite confusing. In this guide, we will discuss everything from what setting you want, what to download to improve performance to what must be disabled.

There is no denying that Watch Dogs: Legion is an advanced game and that needs strong hardware to have an uninterrupted experience.


How To Disable BattlEye Launcher

In order to improve Watch Dogs Legion performance, disabling the BattlEye Launcher in both Uplay or on Stream is highly recommended. For the unversed, BattlEye is an anti-cheat service and sometimes it causes a lot of crashes and poor performance. Here’s how you can disable it.


  • Right-click on the game in your library.
  • Go to Properties -> Launch Options -> Add [-BattlEyeLauncher]

Settings To Change For Improved FPS

Performance DLSS is a unique setting designed to run the game smoothly but it reduces your total resolution by half. If you wish to have a better look, you will have to boost resolution to 3440×1440 then turn on DLSS.

When you enable it, it will double your FPS in no time. Try DLSS Performance / DLSS Balanced for better performance.


Sadly, DLSS seems to be having issues on 2000 series NVIDIA Graphics cards. You can check out your GeForce Experience launcher after a few days later.

Improved Performance With Nvidia Graphics Cards

There are players who have NVIDIA cards are reported to have a better experience through beta drivers while playing Watch Dogs Legion. Beta Drivers are early release drivers that may be unstable, so enable it at your own risk. However, these beta drivers are reportedly helping many players to play Watch Dogs Legion without any interruption.

  • Open GeForce Experience
  • Select “Enable Experimental Features”

Click on this link to download GeForce Experience.

Basic Fixes For Constant Crashes

There are certain basic steps that you should try if you have been constantly experiencing crashes on PC. The following fixes are specific to the latest AAA title but they might help you.

  • Run the game in DirectX 11 (Disables Ray-tracing and DLSS)
  • Check settings that affect your CPU load. Settings that increase CPU load to 100% may cause your computer to crash.
  • Right-Click Game and Run As Administrator
  • Update Drivers
  • Restart PC

These are some Watch Dog Legion’s fixes that might help you to improve performance on PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you want us to recommend then trying DirectX 11 will probably help you to improve stability and FPS.