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Can You Play As The Queen In Watch Dogs: Legion

A lot of people want to play as Queen Elizabeth II in Watch Dogs: Legion. While she remains a popular figure check out where you can play as her

A lot of people have been wondering about playing as the Queen in Watch Dogs: Legion and this seems funny it is generating a lot of interest. If you want to know whether or not you can play as the Queen in Watch Dogs: Legion read until the end of this guide.

Can You Recruit The Queen In Watch Dogs: Legion


Sadly, for those of you wanting to play as the Queen in Watch Dogs: Legion you won’t be able to do so, while the main reason is unknown the developers made it clear long before the release of the game.

If you’re feeling a bit down it is understandable that Queen Elizabeth II would not be able to carry out DedSec’s missions and it would create unnecessary legal troubles for Ubisoft.


While you can roam around in Buckingham Palace and all other areas of London, no royals are available as a playable character or even as an NPC in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you cannot recruit the Queen you can customize your other characters especially the Granny and dress her up as the Queen if you want.

can you play as queen in watch dogs legion

Apart from the Queen, you can basically recruit anyone to DedSec and play as them in the game. You can select characters from everyday life like a construction worker, police offer, or even a hacker in this hacking-based game.


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The choices are limitless and you can bring all of their particular skills and abilities to help you clear out DedSec’s name and reclaim London to yourself. Watch Dogs: Legion shows a dark and bleak cyber future where everything is monitored.

It also means that the Queen’s authority would not be possible in that scenario and maybe that’s why the exclusion from the game. While you cannot play as a Royal character in Watch Dogs: Legion there are plenty of Royal buildings in the game.

Whether this signifies something, we’re not really sure about it but you can read between the lines and figure out yourself.

Watch Dogs: Legion even goes ahead to not mention any of the royals by their name for legal purposes, even the currency has been changed from British Pounds to ETOs.

This is all there is to know about if you can play as Queen Elizabeth II in Watch Dogs: Legion. While you’re here make sure to check out all of our coverage on Watch Dogs: Legion right here on Gamer Tweak.