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How To Turn Districts Defiant In Watch Dogs: Legion

You can turn districts defiant in Watch Dogs: Legion by completing Red Icon missions. Check out how to liberate boroughs in Watch Dogs: Legion

Turning a district defiant in Watch Dogs: Legion will offer respite from the tyranny and oppression to the particular borough of London that you liberate. There are tons of defiance missions in Watch Dogs: Legion and if you want to know how to do that, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Turn Boroughs Defiant In Watch Dogs: Legion


Watch Dogs: Legion brings back a form of territory capture in the brand-new game. You will find that the entirety of London has been under the control of Albion and other criminals who wish to bring the society down and burn the place.

In total there are 8 boroughs in London that you will need to turn defiant and take back the control of the city from the oppressors. While doing so you can even bring faith back to DedSec and take down all the enemies.

watch dogs legion how to turn districts defiant


To turn a district defiant, all you have to do is complete each Boroughs’ Activities. These activities will be marked with Red Icons and the more you complete the lesser oppressed that borough will be.

Once you complete all of the Red Icon mission of a particular borough, you will unlock a new mission that will focus on liberating that particular borough.

Complete this unique Liberation mission and you will have turned the borough Defiant. This is basically all you have to do, though it is easier said than done. You might come across some difficulties but you can check out everything about Watch Dogs: Legion right here.


The first Liberation mission you get is of the Borough of Camden, this is a story mission that will take you through the paces of how to liberate districts in the game. Pay attention and the rest of the missions will offer you a similar kind of experience.