How to unlock new Stencils or Spray Paints in Watch Dogs Legion?

Stencils are Spray Paints, a kind of DedSec propaganda to aware of people. Applying them on walls of prominent places will let you earn credits.

In Watch Dogs Legions, London felled in the hands of few. The entire city is completely locked and controlled by the private military. Every citizen is watched and members of DedSec are hunted down. You are the first one to begin the resistance and restore rebuild DedSec the only resistance left. In one of the missions, you will have to paint walls of prominent places like Military Headquarters or public places. This is to raise awareness and prep people to stand against the dictatorship. In this guide, I will help you in unlocking new Stencils in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to unlock or get new Stencils in Watch Dogs Legion?

You will have some stencils unlocked already, the first one appears during the mission Light A Spark. The main objective of this mission to disrupt Albion propaganda, at the Royal Courts of Justice. While on your way to the building which is a restricted area, you can paint the wall to raise credits. You will earn higher-level rewards by spray painting and this is cool.

Spray paints are called Stencils and there are 47 different locations around London. You will have some unlocked at the start, all you have to do is reach the spot to paint. These places are called as Paste-Up locations. Each spray paint unlocks some credits, you can use them to buy a new spray paint menu. Paste-Up missions are the way to raise funds in Watch Dogs Legion. Each Paste-Up location will reward with some credits, like 50. Use them to buy more new spray paints and paint the entire London City.

How to find Paste-Up Locations?

Paste-Up locations are mostly in restricted zones, public places, etc. They are in key areas and to find them you will have to use the scan ability. Press Right Joystick when you are in a prominent place like a Military headquarters, or a place like Royal Court. Look for a Paint Roller icon and follow it. The icon will take you to an outside region with a massive wall that further unlock a new menu.

You will see the Fund Raising Goal bar and different types of stencils. Locked stencils can be bought through credits instantly. Some Paste-Up locations are easy, while some are in tougher regions. This means they can unlock higher-level rewards in Watch Dogs Legion.

Stay tuned for more updates, and tips on Watch Dogs Legions. I will be updating this guide with all 47 Paste-Up Location soon. Till then keep an eye on the Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to make sure you do not miss anything.