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Watch Dogs Legion Restricted Area Guide – What Not to Do?

Restricted Areas are marked as Red on Mini-map, they are heavily guarded by the military. Here are some tips to complete missions in Restricted Areas.

Watch Dogs Legion is all about hacking and quietly completing objectives. You may be the best hacker in the world, but no one can stand in front of bullets. In many missions, you will play in stealth. This includes having a lot of patience, smartly using your hacking skills to distract, set traps, and clearing your path without getting noticed. Also escaping is another important aspect of Watch Dogs Legion. Here is a guide that will help you playing missions in Restricted Areas.

Tips to Play in Watch Dogs Legions Restricted Areas?


Restricted areas are the red zones in Watch Dogs Legions. Areas like military headquarters, corporate offices, gang hideouts, etc. are highly secured. There are guards, surveillance drones, security cameras, etc. They are watching every moving thing and shoot if you are not one of them. There will be much mission that will push you in the center of these Red Zones. You can either choose to barge in with a gun, alert all and get engage in a long battle, or think like a hacker. Here are some things you must never do while in a restricted area.


Recruit someone who can unlock the attire which can let you move around in a restricted area without getting caught. For example a guard’s uniform, you can at-least enter from the main door. This does not mean you are not watched. If you enter as a granny in a military headquarter, they are not your grandson’s. Focus first on unlocking attire which can help you to blend in. Trespassers will be attacked on site.



Press the Right Joystick to scan the area. Scanning is the fastest way to find out locations of drones, Captains, cameras, consoles, traps, etc. The first thing to do is to find a place to scout. It can be on the top of a building or the road. Stand right outside the security area and scan first.

Security Camera’s:


Security Camera is your way to hack inside the building and marked all the guards and traps. You can disable them to clear your path. You can turn on laser traps, unlock doors, etc. Keep an eye on the white bar on your right or left. Yellow means you are watched, red is when you have to run. Hack the camera’s first and explore the entire area to find your target.

Kill the Captain:

Soldier with a red mark on its head is the captain. If he finds you he will call Re-enforcement. This is a problem, you will have to deal with an entire army then. The best thing to do is to use Takedown to kill the captain to avoid any kind of future. Do not forget to hide the body. The quieter you are, easier things will be.



A spider-bot will be your close ally in the Watch Dogs Legion. You will need this in various places. You will have to edit your load-out to add the gadget to your inventory. Also, the bot can be purchased via Tech Points. Tech Points are scattered around the map on different locations marked in green. Collect them and use them to unlock and upgrade gadgets.

These were our 5 top points you must remember and avoid in Watch Dogs Legion while moving around in a Restricted Zone. We have a beginners guide and Watch Dogs Wiki guide with lots of tips and tricks in it. This will make your hacking journey easy.