Watch Dogs Legion All Mask Location Guide – How to Unlock New Mask?

Mask is your identity in Watch Dogs Legion. There are some of the awesome masks you can miss easily, this guide will help you to unlock new mask in Watch Dogs Legion.

Mask in Watch Dogs Legion is the most important part of your outfit. It’s DedSec’s identity in the fight for freedom. Watch Dogs Legion has more than thirty masks scattered around the entire city. If you have purchased the Ultimate Edition you can view all masks on the screen. Or else you can buy a booster that reveals high-end collectibles location on the map. Refer to the store for details. To help you out with the grinding in this guide I will share map locations of around thirty-eight different masks in Watch Dogs Legion. This guide is divided into different cities, you can click the links and get the city-wise map location of each and every mask in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to find all the masks

Below is city wise mask location for Watch Dogs Legion. This guide will be updated daily with more and more new masks to unlock.

City of Westminster Mask Location

Perry Harris Redevelopment:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - City of Westminster

Go to the backside of the building, you have to use a Cargo drone, it is on the ledge suspended by the wall. Easy to notice if you check from a height.

Broca Tech:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - Broca Tech

On the south-west of DedSec headquarter there is a restricted zone called Broca Tech. The mask is in between the building on the roof. Call a Cargo drone and fly up to the roof, go to the marked location and you will spot the mask box.

Buckingham Palace Garden:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - Buckingham Palace Garden

The parcel fox box is on a small wall in the outer area of the garden. This is not hard to miss.

DedSec HeadQuarters:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - DedSec Headquarters

Go to DedSec Headquarters and take the stairs on the right that leads to the server. At the end, you will find the box, above the wardrobe.

Downing Street:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - Downing Street

This mask is inside a tent on the marked location. Search for three Flagpoles hanging from a wall and there is a tent below that. The parcel fox box of mask is inside this tent. Avoid going inside the building.

London Carriage Service:

The mask is in the underground facility. It is a little tough to find this mask so to help, here is a video walkthrough on how to find a white gas mask in Watch Dogs Legion.

New Scotland Yard:

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Location - New Scotland Yard

It is a restricted zone and the mask in the office. On the right end of the building, there is an entrance and the mask is in the office on the right.

Somerset House:

Watch Dogs Legion Football Somerset HouseLocated in the underground region, you will have to find a door that leads to a basement room. It is not tough to find, just search for a staircase that goes underground.

Thorne’s Feits:

Watch Dogs Legion Throne's Fiet Mask

The location is guarded by gangs, search room on the upper floor with graffiti text on it. The door is locked and you will need an access key. But you can use a spider bot and grab the mask through the vent on the left of the main door.

Camden Mask Location

Albion Interment Center:

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Interment Center

Look for two garage doors, it is easily noticeable if you are scanning the area from a height. The mask in one of the two garages, look on the right side.

Camden Market:

Watch Dogs Legion Cardboard Mask Location

Located on the roof of the building, this one is extremely easy to find. Scan the roof area you can grab a cargo drone to complete this task.

St. Pancras International:

Watch Dogs Legion Cardboard Mask Location

Located on the north corner of Camden, St. Pancras International is a huge building. The mask is on the top floor, here is a short cut to get the standard Cardboard Mask in Watch Dogs Legion. Make your way to the roof, from there you can hijack the security cameras and use a spider bot to grab the mask. A little tricky but possible. Press V to scan the area and search for Spiderbot Dock, it is on the left of the main office.

Islington & Hackney Location

The Sandstone Residence:

Watch Dogs Legion Sandstone Residence Mask

Inside Sandstone Residence there is a surveillance room. The mask is inside the room and it can be a little tough to grab it. Because it is heavily guarded. You can try a spider bot here. When you are at the residence go near the garage area, look for a passage that goes underground leading to garage doors. There is a vent on the right, the spider bot can pass through that. Take the stairs on left and enter the residence, turn right and go to the first floor using the stairs from the main hall. Turn left and you will see a massive room with sofas. Cross the door on the left end and look for the vent on the right end of the stairs. Do not go down, this vent leads to the security room.


Watch Dogs Legion Food Town Mask

FoodTown is a restricted area. The mask is located in a locked office, if you do not have the access key you can use the spider bot and access the mask via the vent. On the left of the FoodTown sign, there is a vent in the right end corner. You can crawl through that to enter the office and grab the mask.

World of Tomorrow:

Watch Dogs Legion World of Town Mask

You have to enter the restricted zone here, and the mask is located in a very tricky place. The parcel box is in between the walls of the building, look for a platform to climb. Only Spider-bot can crawl through the place.

This guide is under construction and every day we will reveal 5 Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations, so stay tuned! If you need any more help with this game including the locations to visit, here’s our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide. Don’t miss out on some secret information!