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How To Remove Operatives From Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion you can remove operatives and potential recruits by editing your team. Check out how to remove operatives here

If you want to remove operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion, the process can be a bit confusing as the game does not show you how to do it. Yet, there is a way where you can let go of people by retiring operatives or abandoning recruitments. If you want to know how to remove operative from Watch Dogs: Legion, check this guide out.

How To Get Rid Operatives From Watch Dogs: Legion

Before you throw out all the operatives from DedSec, make sure that you have a better alternative lined up. To remove someone from your team, you will have to access the Team menu, and highlight the person that you want to remove. Press Edit or view on the operative or potential recruit. This will take you to the next screen where you can select Retire Operative or Abandon Recruitment if they’re a potential recruit.

This is all you have to do to remove operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion, this will make sure that you do not get stuck with the same operatives.

This mechanic comes in handy when the list of Recruits is full, and you want to bring in someone new, or if you’ve just gotten tired of playing with the same characters again and again.

You can even perform this when you want to test out other operatives that you unlock in the game later on. There will be a moment in the game where the team size will get filled and it will be up to you to decide whose services are needed for DedSec and who isn’t.

how to remove operatives in watch dogs legion

It is never a good thing when you have to make that decision but it is one that you will have to over the course of the game. Make sure that you recruit people based on your immediate needs and people who can give you the abilities and skills that you are lacking.

This will result in a more cohesive unit and one that you can sustain for very long, but if in case you wish to remove someone from your team, you can always do this.

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