Watch Dogs Legion: How To Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading weapons will help you take down enemies quicker.

Watch Dogs Legion is not solely about hacking, you will also encounter several fights. Hence, you will find your character often taking out a weapon to take down enemies while freeing London City. However, you will have to become more quickly as you progress in the game, and that does include even taking down enemies fast. Hence, you will have to upgrade weapons in Watch Dogs Legion for killing enemies quickly. If you are wondering how to do that, sit relaxed as this guide will provide you the answer.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Watch Dogs Legion

You will need Tech Points to upgrade weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. Tech points are used to not only upgrade but also unlock new weapons in the game. There are two different ways to farm Tech Points. We have written a complete detailed guide on what are Tech Points and how to find them in Watch Dogs Legion. This guide will help you with farming a huge amount of Tech Points easily and quickly.

To put it in brief, Tech Points are scattered throughout London City. They are marked with a green diamond-shaped icon on the map. All you need to do is head to the marked location and interact with a tablet there. This will grant you 10 Tech Points.

Another way of farming Tech Points in Watch Dogs Legion is by completing main story missions. With each mission completed, you receive some Tech Points. The amount depends on the difficulty of the mission.

Once you have enough Tech Points, simply pause the game and head to the Tech tab. This will display the entire list of available weapons that you can unlock and upgrade. Now navigate to the weapon that you want to upgrade. Then press and hold X on PS4 and A on Xbox One to unlock or upgrade weapons.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade weapons in Watch Dogs Legion. While here you can read how to save your game if you don’t want to end up losing your hard-earned progress. If the difficult missions have overwhelmed you, also consider reading how to emote in Watch Dogs Legion for some fun segment.