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How To Unlock Anarchist In Watch Dogs Legion?

Anarchists can use Smoke Bomb on enemies and he is immune to all kinds of gas attacks. Check our guide to know more about unlocking this legendary operative.

Anarchist is one of the legendary operatives in Watch Dogs Legion. There is a long mission to unlock the operative. This guide will help you to unlock the Anarchist in the game and you can also learn about the special abilities and weapons. Found in Southwark you will have to destroy an Albion Tower to unlock this operative, so keep reading till the end to know more.

How to find & unlock Anarchist in Watch Dogs Legion


To unlock Anarchist you will have to liberate Southwark which is a region located towards the south-west corner of the main city. There are four tasks to max out the Defiance of Southwark. Doing these four tasks will unlock Anarchist in Watch Dogs Legion.

Photograph Evidence:

Watch Dogs Legion Photograph Evidence


To complete this mission you will have to enter a restricted Albion office and capture the images of some screens. It is an easy task, from the main entrance go right for the office. Take down the guards and capture the photos.

Digital Deface:

Watch Dogs Legion Southwark Digital Deface


Reach the spot and look for a black building. The display is on one of the sides. You can try two methods to hack the terminal of the display. First using a Cargo drone you can fly all the way towards the terminal and second using the crane. The terminal is located on the left of the main display on a metal platform. It is very easy to locate, just climb up there to complete the Digital Deface task.

Hack CtOS Hub:

Watch Dogs Legion cTos HUB

You have to hack a cTOS server on the roof of Civil Aviation Traffic Office. Just climb up on the roof of the building and you will spot the server. Watch out for surveillance drone you can complete this mission in stealth mode. You will have to hack a cockpit of a plane and reroute it. So hack the server first and you will be inside the cockpit. Look right and press Q to retrieve the data. Next, hack the plane control to re-route it.


Sabotage Vehicles:

Watch Dogs Legion Sabotage Vehicle

This one is a simple mission, go to the location and enter into an Albion facility. It is fully guarded, interact with the console, and destroy the vehicles. That’s it you are done with three major tasks and only one is left to unlock Anarchist.

After completing all the 4 Tasks you will unlock the main mission to recruit the Anarchist. The mission is Information Overload. Completing this mission will add the Anarchist into your team. Follow the guide below to learn about completing the mission.

How to complete Information Overload?

The first task is to meet the operative. Then disrupt Albion’s Operations Server located inside a guarded building. You will have to make your way to the top by first accessing the Elevator. It is locked and you will have to hack the control panel to power it. After reaching the top floor pull out your Spiderbot.

Watch Dogs Legion Information Overloaded Escalator

Look on the right of the objective marker, the Spiderbot can crawl through the vent and hack the power panel on the other side. Do this to unlock access to the elevator. The next is to control a drone, which will travel into the server to locate a high capacity battery.

High Capacity Battery Location:

Watch Dogs Legion High Capacity Battery

Enter into the SILO 1 area, go down and turn right. Follow the red light and you will be in SILO 2. Now follow the red pipes on right to find another hole and watch for the steam. Turn left and you will see a strong airflow current. You will have to avoid this or else your drone will crash. Go right and fly up between the pipes to go on the other side. Fly a little left to go down and then fly towards the door with a fan on the left corner.

Watch Dogs Legion Battery

Go further ahead and turn left from the dead end. You will be in the office area, fly down and turn left. Avoid the guards and continue following the yellow marker. Look for a door with a red laser’s avoid them to reach a locked door. Hack the access code from the guard in the room, just scan and you will find him. Be sure to hide the drone, or else he will destroy the drone. You will have to play everything from the start.

Watch Dogs Legion Access Code

The access key will unlock the door to the final terminal which has a high capacity battery. Return to the terminal you accessed first after exiting the Elevator. The place where you grabbed the control of the drone, and drop the battery to complete the mission. Escape the tower, and the Anarchist joins your team.

Anarchist Skills and Special Abilities:

  1. Smoke Grenade: Create a cloud of smoke to block sight and disorient enemies.
  2. Studded Truncheon: Light Melee Weapon.
  3. Bandana: Immune to all types of gas damage.
  4. Mouth Guard: Reduce melee damage taken.

This is how you can unlock one of the legendary operatives in Watch Dogs Legion – the Anarchist. Do not forget to check our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki guide to know more such hidden tricks and latest information.