Can you replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion?

No, you can't replay the same mission again and again.

If there is any AAA game people across the world are currently talking about, it is Watch Dogs Legion. The action-adventure game is out now and it lets you use multiple unique characters to complete missions. Watch Dogs Legion also gives you an opportunity to play the specific game that you love the most.

However, you must be wondering whether you will be able to replay the same mission using a new character in Watch Dogs Legion. Well, for better or worse, we got you covered.

Can you replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion?

No, you can’t replay the same mission again and again. The only way to replay the same mission in Watch Dogs Legion is to fail a mission or start the game from its beginning. The developer of the game has not mentioned any specific reason for this design choice as of yet.  

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Will the replay mission option to be added in Watch Dogs Legion?

Currently, there is no option to replay missions in Watch Dogs Legion. However, the developer of the game likely to be added this feature in future if a huge number of players will demand replay mission option in the game.

However, this could still take a lot of time for implementation. Since there has been no official announcement, it is an entirely hypothetical scenario and you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to arrive in the meantime.

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Is Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer?

Yes, Watch Dogs Legion is a multiplayer and Ubisoft has also confirmed the same. It should be noted that the multiplayer mode would not be available at launch. Yes, you will have to wait untill December 3, 2020, to play Watch Dogs Legion with your friends.

Besides multiplayer mode, the developer of the game will also add multiple modes such as special co-op missions, Deathmatch mode, and more. There will also be a PVP mode, allowing gamers to go up against each other in teams of up to 8 players.